Roast Pumpkin with Cheese “Fondue”
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While watching "Gourmet's Diary of a Foodie", the New Zealand show, I became interested in something they were talking about. When I did a search I came across this and thought I'd share. I soooo want to make this.
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that does sound good!
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what a fun item to make - would you use a sugar pumpkin?

I have made soup with them. or just a pumpkin?

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It's probably on pg 20 by now, but foodgawkers had a cheese fondue IN a pumpkin.

This looks excellent!

Edit: This fondue was in a squash.
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Both of these recipes are really interesting. The first one looks really tasty - and high cal. So, I'm thinking about trying the one Corinne posted with the fondue in the squash for my book club dinner next week. I tested a cream of butternut squash soup from my Best Light Recipe book and thought it was just okay. Maybe switching that to a recipe I found for wild mushroom and Madeira soup in my Silver Palate book and using the squash appie instead.
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The one with the two cheeses and cream looks fantastic. I am glad our dinky town doesn't have a grocery store that stocks "fancy" cheeseSmile

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