Back in the saddle again….
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(Kinda weird analogy from someone whose only attempt at riding a horse resulted in being tossed from the animal!)

First, I wanted to thank everyone for their kind advice and good wishes in getting MIL moved into her new apartment. I really had no hope that she would adjust as well as Theresa’s mom or PJ’s grandmother, but, well, miracles do happen! Her personality has actually changed for the better, and DH and I are so relieved. She has not mentioned, even once, her old apartment and doesn’t even remember most of her stuff that was in it (which is good, because we had to weed out an awful lot since her new place is smaller). For the first couple of weeks I got up way too early several days a week and took her to morning activities, but now she goes by herself. She has made new friends, and has embraced the whole “living in a community” concept—goes to exercise class, movie nights, etc, and whereas I would probably walk into a dining room and sit at a table by myself with a book, she goes up to people she has never met before and asks if she can join them!

Anyway, I am back. For the most part. I am looking around the mess that I used to call a house and wondering where to start. The porch that needs a thorough spring scrubbing, along with the furniture, so that we can enjoy the nice weather? Or do I begin by cleaning out the goldfish pond? Weeding the flower beds? Starting the garden (finally!)? Oy.

I will soon be posting a review of a CAH recipe (Red Curry Soup with Rice Stick Noodles, one of the very few new ones I was able to fit into the schedule during the last month) and I haven’t forgotten that my “delayed birthday” dinner is in June.

Oh, and I also am going to be making the food for MIL’s 90th birthday party in early July and will definitely need your advice. It’s only for 12 people or so, and I kept telling myself “stop it! Don’t offer!” but in the end, I did offer to do it. And the decorations, flowers, etc as well. D@mn this stupid “control streak” I have.

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I am so pleased that your MIL is adjusting well to her new home. I can't imagine how stressful the past month must have been for you.

I can't wait to see your review of the Red Curry Soup. It's one I've looked at but not yet made, so I'm really interested in what you have to say.

And I totally understand your need to make the food for MIL's birthday. Like you, I really enjoy cooking and feeding others. I also find it upsetting when someone offers to host a meal such as that and serves KFC and dessert from the grocery store freezer section.

(Yes, we do have an unidentified family member who does that!)
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That's wonderful news that your MIL has adjusted to her new apartment so quickly. You are probably pretty exhausted from the whole experience, so don't dive into everything at once. Remember to stop and relax and give yourself a nice little break every day. Many years ago, a dear friend convinced me to "simplify" and although it's a work in progress, I still try to do that whenever I'm overwhelmed.
(Very necessary since I'm like the distracted sister!)

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My dad was born in 1921, mother in 1922 , my MIL in 1915. Your MIL was born in 1920. Mine are gone--RIP. I would celebrate my MIL's 90th birthday with a meatloaf and mashed potatoes, along with her favorite vegi--they survived the depression and saved everything (coat hangers ). It would be an easy meal. Anyway-my grandmother used coffee grounds over and over for several days in the 30's. They so loved simple food. I don't know your mothers geography, so that should come into play--just make it simple and easy to chew. I'm so envious you still have her--keep her as long as you can.
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" I'm so envious you still have her--keep her as long as you can" well put, Bill - I so wish ours were still with us, too!

welcome back to your world, Vicci and it's time for you to stop and smell the roses before you dive in.
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Vicci, I am so glad it is going well for you and your MIL. I am also glad for you that things are starting to return to normal. Don't worry, just take one thing at a time, it will get done.
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Well that is a 'sigh' of relief! So glad she is adjusting nicely. That is good news!
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Glad everything turned out okay, Vicci. Please slow down a bit! Start with the chore that would make you happiest to see completed. Of course, I couldn't choose between the garden and the goldfish!

Happy you're back.

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Thanks for the welcome back!

Bill, we collected so many wire coat hangers from her apartment that we donated half to Goodwill and took the other half to the recycling center!

I spent about 3 hours today scooping dead leaves out of the bottom of the goldfish pond, algae from the top of the pond, then hauled 2 baskets of water lilies out and split, then replanted, them. DH came outside and asked if I'd like to take a quick trip to the lake house since we hadn't been there for 5 weeks so I showered and we got there in early afternoon. We had planned to go back to the farm and continue working but, well, it was such a beautiful day. Brilliant blue skies, puffy white clouds, hills that lovely new-leaf-green color you only see in spring around here... I brought along a pasta salad and we ate it on the boat. Afterward, I thought that I really should put on my swimsuit and drag some of the logs out of the water which were left from the storm in February. Then I thought of what Maryann said above and I told DH "we're both going take a little break this afternoon". We both then proceeded to take a long nap in the sun.

Yes, tomorrow is another day!

Oh, and Karyn, I once went to a summer picnic where mine was the only "home-made" food on the buffet table, except for a tray of veggies and spinach dip. Sandwiches, fried chicken, salads, desserts-- all bought. It was quite an eye-opener!

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Welcome back Vicci! And it so good to see you "stop and smell the roses"! A nap in the sun on a beautiful spring day.....don't get no better than that!!!!!!
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