Perked coffee or drip?
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I'm just curious if anyone else feels like I do about perked coffee. I'm so tired of drip coffee, it just really lacks something. So, a while back, I took out my mom's old perculator and have been using it ever since.

My dear hubbie says the only difference he notices is the nice aroma in the kitchen while it's perking, but I think the flavor is superior. Agree or disagree?

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I don't like perked as much. The water has to boil and for a long time. My dad only drank perked coffee while it was hot--"out of the fresh pot". I can drink perked but while it smells good while it is being brewed I think over boiling diminishes the flavor a bit.
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I don't use either. We have a french press that we just adore. We grind the beans and let them steep for 7 minutes, press and pour
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I have a drip in the house and a perculator in the trailer and I agree - love to smell it in the tailer in the mornings.

Now that Roy has been retired for a while and his blood pressure is almost normal, we finally threw away the last of the decaf and can have real coffee again. So, we don't care how it's made, we are sure enjoying it!!
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We went the decaf route for a while here too, but sure did miss the real thing. Love having real coffee in the house again!

Denise, thanks for reminding me about the french press. I have one of those too, but haven't used it in a while.

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Just a thought - maybe running vinegar through the drip maker might bring it back. Steve has a to go french press/coffee mug and loved it for traveling.
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I have a Keurig coffee maker that I just love, so I guess that puts me on the drip side of the debate. It's one of those that uses the little cups to make coffee. I really enjoy having freshly brewed coffee for every cup, and being able to change flavors/types depending on my mood.

Erin, you're fight about the vinegar. I try to remember to run a small bottle through the coffee maker about every 3 months. Works great as long as I'm sure to get back to clean water before brewing the next cup of coffee!
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Well I've had all kinds of simple coffees - perked, brewed, and Kuerig in a fancy hotel room and instant.

I drink instant Folgers. Love it. Have for over 30 years. But I love the Saturday night after-special-dinner brewed Chock Full of Nuts my hubby makes. Delish.

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I think that I have only ever had drip-brewed, but we found a Pyrex (glass) stovetop coffeemaker while cleaning out my MIL's apartment and I may give that a try some day when I have time to figure out how to "work" it.

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It's been so long since I've had perked, I don't remember. We're drippers here.
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