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Did anyone see Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution last night?
Wow. Pretty amazing. I hope this does some good- even if it is just a reality TV opportunity. It is truly amazing what this School was serving their students. Goes along with our other topic - and it amazes you even more that they will not alow home made products in school. Doesn't even give kids a chance...
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I didn't see it. Now you have me curious. I've seen a couple of trailers, but not the show yet. I will have to try and DVR it. Sounds interesting.
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Typical: the people in the school were more interested in blindly following the government bureaucracy than working a little harder to make the meals healthier for the kids, and most of the kids were VERY happy to opt for the processed pizza over the freshly cooked chicken,
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Didn't see it and haven't heard of it....where have I been? Under a rock?
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I saw the trailers, but missed the show. Will have to DVR so I don't miss it next time. It looks like a good show.

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It's available online on for those that missed it. I'll be interested to see what kind of a difference he can make.
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I tried to watch it online but they said it was 'moved or otherwise not available'. But I checked and it's on this Friday at 7 and 8 CST on ABC.

I DVR'd it.
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If you go to his web site you can digitaly sign his petition to change the lunch program in our schools.
Jamies Food Revolution Petition
I also heard recently about a bill they are trying to pass (whish I could remember more about it) that they are trying to get all the pop and junk food out of schools too. I hate to admit it, but my junior year of High School my lunch every day consisted of a snickers bar and a can of Tab.
Mom to three wonderful 7th graders!
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When William saw the preview just before the show, he refused to watch it. He is a softy and hates to see kids like the obese child in the opening crying about the challenges of being over weight. I guess I'll have to hope it is available online in the near future.
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I haven't watched it, but I believe that Jamie Oliver is now thinking that he has bitten off more than he can chew...

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