OMG - What have I done??
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- - - I bought a golf course???!!!

I think I need my head examined! But two weeks ago an opportunity presented itself that was just too good to walk away from. I have never golfed in my life, but have always entertained the idea of owning a restaurant at some point in my life. Well, here I go.

In less than two weeks, I have convinced my bank to mortgage my farm and my partner's, and make up the balance against the course and contents. It is really a no brainer since these people are walking away from it. I will be overseeing 18 holes, a lounge/restaurant seating for 125 and banquet facilities for 225. Good thing I have a chef up my sleeve, so to speak!

So things have been nuts, there are no operating records, so I am winging this venture. But based on tee sheets and confirmed tournaments/banquets, I think I can make a go of this. I bullied the bank into loaning me the money based on the value of the property, buildings, contents and equipment.

So, initially I am going to focus on getting those golfers to stay and eat after they come off the course, so I want to do really great sandwiches, soups and munchies, and follow up with a nicer dinner menu. The kitchen is really the worst part of the place. But Patty and I are hoping to secure women-owned funding at a later date and the kitchen will be the first priority. It can produce a menu, but I am going to have to be selective about what I offer.

I am up to my eyeballs in cash flow projections, Liquor Control Board applications, incorporation processes, oh, and we should be opening in 3 weeks. Yikes!

Check it out at

I'm open for ideas. . . and where better could I go to get ideas that all of you guys? Productive ideas, please, I have had more than my share of confirmations that I have lost my marbles, LOL!
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Congratulations! I am so excited for you. I think the whole liquor license would be my biggest fear in this state. If the golf course itself needs a new superintendent, I can ask my brother for recommendations. He is the best in the business. He won't move himself, but he has a lot of contacts. I guess you will be rather busy for a say the least. Does this mean a certain daughter may find her way home to help??

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Wow, what an adventure!!! Good luck and keep us posted from time to time!
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Did you buy the whole course or just the restraunt?
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Sounds like you are in for a good time!! All the best to you both in this new adventure!!!
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Wonderful! How exciting! Best of luck with your new venture.
Take pics when you get a chance and keep us posted.

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WOW! You have rendered me speechless! Good luck m'dear - you are really going to have a job on your hands. But I know you can do it.
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Wow! It sounds like a very exciting endeavor! Man, you are brave. But a golf course sounds like fun!

I will send all my best wishes your way!
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Yeah, you did it, Linda!!! congratulations!

You're right on with the lunch crowd after golfing - the room was always packed when I worked that area in country clubs. Weekend brunches were always well recieved, especially the waffle and omelet stations.

A sanwich special a week was fun to come up with and looked forward to by the crowd. One that I remember most asking us to repeat often was the BLT using basil leaves in place of lettuce. There were a couple other favorites also.....will try to remember.

All kinds of goodl luck, Linda!
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You go girl!!!!
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