Butchering a cow
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I once sneaked an omelet filling (pre-cooked) made with kidney in a pkg. that Roy took on a hunting trip for one of their breakfasts. Everyone loved it until they got home and asked what it was.

They never trusted me again....
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Well, I'm a bit late to this thread, but maybe someone else reading it may have similar questions. On top of the great suggestions above, don't forget about the Chuck Eye Steak cut, it's the last cut off the chuck portion of the steer, from the 5th rib (ribeyes are cut from ribs 6 through 12 of the steer). While tougher than ribeye, it's still a great cut of meat. 
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It's a great cut of meat!  If you cook it sous vide first and then put it on a screaming hot grill or cast iron pan (equally hot) it will be as tender as any fine cut of steak.  

I did some rib eyes sous vide yesterday and chilled them down in the fridge for dinner tonight.  It will just take a minute a side on the grill tonight.
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