Copying Recipes to iphone.
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Hi folks in the Living Cookbook forum someone posted a recipe that allows you to import recipes from Living Cookbook to the iphone (may do it to other phones as well, I didn't look). I have imported a whole bunch and it took minimal time. The app is called Handy Cookbook v1.8 and costs $1.99. To use it you export the LC recipes and then import them into the Handy Cookbook. The import functions include mxp and mmf. I believe the first one is MasterCook and I know several members here use that one. Anyway I thought I'd share, I was so pleased at how easy it is.
A couple of caveats. In order to use the import function, the iphone has to be connected and on the web server page (icon on bottom left). I found it a lot easier to get rid of all the pre-programmed cookbook chapters and instead add the ones I use in my Living Cookbook. I then went through my cookbook chapters and imported the recipes into the same chapter. It saved me having to edit once imported.
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I'd love that! But I don't have an iphone. Maybe someday.
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