Happy Birthday, Theresa!!
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I spied a little birthday cake on your avatar - I'm not home, so don't have my 'list', but I'm assuming this is it!

Have a wonderful day! Valentine's day, birthday, and the olympics - geez, how lucky can a person get?
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Happy, Happy Birthday, Theresa!!! and Valentine's Day!! How was the wine tasting yesterday??????????? Enjoy your day!!
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Have a great birthday!
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[Image: birthd_001sm2.gif]

Today is my Mom's birthday, too!

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Happy Birthday, Theresa. Hope you have a great day!
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Happy Happy Birthday Theresa - I hope you have a great b-day! What could be better than chocolate and wine!
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Happy Birthday and Valentine's Day to you Theresa!!

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Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Theresa!
Happy birthday to you!

[Image: party2-1.gif]

(I found it!)
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Happy Day, Theresa! Double the gifts , sweet! I hope you have a wonderful evening!

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Thanks all! It was just a great weekend all around. I felt loved and special, the best gift of all. The wine and chocolate tasting was lots of fun and the only thing to top that would be a massage to go along with them!
Valentines, birthday, Olympics, AND Chinese New Year! Wow! And oddly enough, I was born in Taiwan.
Hubby gave me a case of my favorite beer for Valentines Day. He knows what I like! And told me to plan a vacation for the two of us for my birthday. I cannot wait to get started on that project.
Thank you so much, everyone for your kind birthday wishes! I just wish you could have all been with me today! That would have made the day perfect.

Vicci, your mom must be a real sweetheart too!

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