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I thought you guys might enjoy this. I know it's not much to most of you, but you must realize how rare this is...especially in Southport. Even Mom got up and out early with her camera! For those who don't know where we are, I'm about 40 miles west of Wilmington which is on the coast and Southport is on the coast. It is protected from storms by a battery of islands including Bald Head Island. (Which those that know, a big hurricane will wash right over the islands and onto the mainland.) Enjoy!

Lake Snow 2010

Southport Snow 2010
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How beautiful! Yes, the last storm up here left some gorgeous scenery with the wet snow sticking to all the trees, bushes and whatnot, but we lost a lot of branches and nearly the power when a huge branch broke off a neighbor's 60 foot pine tree.

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That looks picture post card perfect!! And the one beautiful camelia. What a beautiful town that is, Daphne. Thanks you sharing these.
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The snow looks so pretty! Nice pics Daphne.
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Daphne, those look gorgeous! I must come down there some time and see for myself... in the summer!

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great pictures!!
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Thanks, everybody. Believe it or not, there is still a little snow on the ground and on exposed surfaces. The roads looked pretty good when I went to the store while ago, but that was just the little road that goes around the lake. We'll see in the morning. Anything left on the roads/bridges will freeze tonight and will not thaw until mid to late afternoon. I do not envy you guys north of me. I get to enjoy the pretty white stuff for a short time, and then it's gone.

Anyway, William went to the farm to check on the chickens and feed up around mid morning. I sent the camera with him. Here's likely the last slide show of snow for this winter....probably the next few years....LOL!

Snow at the Farm 2010

And yes, Vicci, that's my little mini! Isn't it cute?!?!?
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Daphne I swear you have just such a natural talent for taking pictures!!!!

On the first slide show the camelia and then the one of the dock. (3rd from the end I think) are just postcards

And on the Southport slide that very last picture just sums up that area for me. Lovely!!!!
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Funny you noted those specific ones, Denise. I felt the same way about the last one in the Southport slide show. It definitely represents the spirit of the area....just a little fishing village. It's a shame you can't see the boats in the basin at the foot of the street better, though. Anyway, I can't take credit for those pics. I just doctored them up and created the slide show. Mom took those. The third one from the end on that show of the shrimp colored house is also one of my favorites. She emailed those pics to the homeowner who is stuck at their second home in NJ! The homeowner was thrilled!

As for the third one from the end on the lake set, that's an interesting choice, also. I took that one deliberately. If you compare, that's the exact same shot (or as close as I could get) as my avatar...LOL!

OIY, I just realized I should have stood a little farther left. I missed the dang Cypress tree. DANG! Oh well, I tried. I got the Cypress in the next one looking to the left toward my pier.
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Sat down and looked slowly at them this a.m. (yesterday, we were just hooking up and looked very quickly) - beautiful! Had to laugh when I came to the house with '312' on it. Is that your mother's house? That's the house number and similar looking house I grew up in in Yakima. 312 So. 11th Ave.
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