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I admit...I'm a freak about plastic wrap. The wrap has to hold and have a wrinkle free surface over the bowl I'm wrapping. You can bounce a dime on my covered bowls. I also admit, I can't remember if I like Saran Wrap or Glad Wrap (I think it was Saran), but I recognize it by site. One stretches taut, the other doesn't. The taut wrap doesn't tangle very badly, but the one that doesn't stick well tangles. Now, I have purchased the big rolls at Sam's and liked it, but I keep forgetting to get it when I go.

Where am I heading with this? I'm impressed with the NEW Reynolds Wrap. It may have been out for a while and not noticed by me, but it's new to me. When they first came out with plastic wrap I hated it and swore to never buy it again. Over Christmas, William picked up foil and plastic wrap for me...I feared the worst. (He once picked up some foil for me and got cheap stuff. I complained every time I used it.) He came home with Reynolds Wrap. I groaned. But when I used the Reynolds Wrap, I was pleasantly surprised. It now has a zipper/cutter which prevents the inevitable pulled apart box, AND it seals WONDERFULLY! I am very impressed with this product.

Just thought I'd share.
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Five years ago I bought a mega-roll of plastic wrap at Sam's and it cannot be used up fast enough. It covers (some) bowls well, but it a royal pain to pull-and-tear. Plus it uses an entire drawer in my kitchen!

Someday I hope to finish it, and if Reynolds plastic wrap is still being made, I will try it.

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The one that has usually worked well for me, here, is called "Wonderwrap." The label is all in English, so it's probably intended for the U.S., but I don't recall having seen it in the States.
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Stretch-tite lover here myself. It also has the cutting zipper. Funny how there are some items about which we are so particular.

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Stretch-tite fan here too. I'm so sick of the "bugger-wrap" (can I say that here?) that sticks together in a clump when it emerges or tears and un-winds from the roll in strips. I just hope Costco will ***** it or, does Sam's Club carry it??
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I use Alliance Pro (18") from Cash & Carry - love it. Roy has built a drawer for it and the foil in the last two houses.
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Funny, but when I was at the restaurant, I rarely had any problems with the plastic wrap they used there. One of my co-workers did, though, and always called it "plasti-crap."

Most often, it seems the biggest problem is that plastic wrap won't always stick to pans or bowls that are cold, so you just have to use extra, stretch it well, and wrap it so that it sticks to itself around the pan if it's not sticking to the actual pan.
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Beautiful Jean! Bravo Roy!
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We get a commercial size one from sysco. He can get his nice and tight, but I sometimes have a problem with it. Sure wish I had a holder like Jean, I can barely lift the box when it's new.
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Lol I just have a mega roll I bought at Smart and Final and it sits on my counter. I love it! I've been trying to use lids more to reduce waste so bought some new plastic containers that are clear so I can see in them.

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