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Well last night I had such a wonderful and unique experience. One of my old instructors and I have become good friends and last night she had a dinner party that I was invited to. Raw Food - 100% vegan.

So already I was skeptical but curious. Nothing eaten touched the stove. The dinner party was in 2 parts. A few of us arrived early for the instructional part and the other half came later just for dinner.

We started with miso soup that had large diced advocado in it. This was really delicous. There was also a crudite with all the standard veggies, but also jicama, snow peas and about 4 types of mushrooms. It was served with a zhoug sauce which is cilantro based and a bit like a pesto. It gets its bite from habanero. It was also served with a savoy dressing that stunned me on it's flavor. It was buttery, tangy and sweet. I was already thinking of so many other things I could use it on.

Savoy Dream Dressing

1/4 C raw Cashews (soaked for 30 minutes)
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 Tablespoons water
1 Tablespoon olive oil
1 Tablespoon raw agave Nectar
1/2 Teaspoon sea Salt

Blend in high-powered blender till creamy.

Then we had "pasta" with basil pesto. The pasta was seaweed, which was soaked in water to make it tender and then again in lemon juice. I was really surprised, plesantly no less. I'm trying to find the name of the seaweed. The 'noodles' were clear and it was slightly curly.

Next was dessert. OMG hold on to your to hats kids! Chocolate Mint Meringue Pie. So the crust was a combination of nuts, dates and a dash of cinnamon all done in the food processor. This was pressed into a spring form pan (about 8" pan) The chocolate filling was (you may want to sit down) advocados, raw chocolate powder, mint extract, agave nectar, coconut oil all processed in a blender till smooth. This was put on top of the crust and chilled. Then for the meringue. He used the meat of 3-4 thai coconuts. The flesh is really soft like thick yogurt. A bit of vanilla and some more agave. This went on top of the chocolate mixture and chilled some more. I was blown away at the flavor!

I must say that while Derek and I are now doing 2 vegetarian meals a week now I'm thinking about making one of them a raw meal.

There are side affects folks! For one who cooks her food, eats meat and carbs...the sudden introduction to a full meal of raw veggies and nuts is, well let's say musical and a tad painful So it would take some getting used to
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It sounds like a very refreshing change of pace, Denise. I would love to try it, once anyway
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Wow, is right - what a fun night it must have been!! That dressing does sound tasty, Denise.

One thing tho - agave, isn't it poisonous until baked or cooked???? So, buying commercial would take care of that, I guess?
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Well some vegetarians do use it for cooking in place of sugar or for vegans in place of honey. It's the same plant tequila comes from.

I am probably going to start using it for everything because it's glycemic index is 40 % lower than refined sugar.
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In case you didn't know, they carry it at Costco. I saw it yesterday.
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What an interesting experience. I think it's really neat that your instructor not only thought to include you, but also invited you over for the preparation so you could see how it was all put together. While William might go for a vegetarian dinner a night or two a week, he would NEVER go for all raw...LOL!

Okay, bust my buttons, I just read this dinner experience to William and after discovering the veggies had a dip...one he want me to try...he said he WOULD go for that. Except for the dessert...but only because he doesn't eat dessert unless I insist.
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What a renaissance man!! Good for William
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I just had to share your comment with William! He laughed out loud and said, "Yes, I am a renaissance man!" He has come so far, hasn't he?!?!? This weekend he made some chicken noodle soup at the house instead of the camp...toooo cold! He ran me out of MY kitchen!!!!!
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I've been using agave syrup for ages, and Billy used it a lot too - because of the glycemic index. I think we'll be using it more too.
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That dinner sounds fun (and delicious, too!). I'll have to try the dip, DH is crazy for anything with cashews.

I used to have to order agave nectar, then found it in Trader Joe's about 2 years ago... now it's in WalMart. How things change (and sometimes, even for the better!).

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