T.G.I.F. Dinner - Jan 29???
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Well, finally I'm moving into the Cuisine Lite!! We're having the salmon burgers and swt. tato fries. But...I don't like broiling, so I'll be browning and finishing in the oven and the fries will be done in the oven. Getting anxious.

What are you all up to??
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My book isn't here yet - but we are having one of my favorites. Mister is smoking a turkey today - so we will have that with some dressing, wild rice and some skinny green beans and cranberry/orange sauce. I can't wait.
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Leftover Thai noodle salad along with those most fabulous salmon burgers. I can't wait! And for dessert.......chocovine....yeah baby!

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Okay, I had to look up Chocovine...LOL! That sounds interesting!

Tonight is steak night...I'm sick of chicken and leftovers! I finally get to do some GOOD grocery shopping tomorrow (weather permitting)!
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