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I've been on vacation, but I was wondering if anyone else saw this article and would care to comment on it.

I know several of you grind your own beef, this makes me want to invest in a grinder.

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After the last thread....started by me...I don't think I will comment beyond, I have picked out my grinder. I didn't get it for Christmas, but it's supposed to be on for our Birthdays. I'm looking forward to grinding my own meats. Beyond ground beef, I LOVE ground pork and chicken/turkey, but it is not always readily available. Hopefully, that is in the past! Not to mention pairing this with our new smokehouse....soon to be completed.
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Hmmmmmm. I'm glad I grind my own or buy from small local meat processors now. Plus I've got a bunch of venison, and buffalo is very easy to get here.
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"But while the school lunch program will not buy meat contaminated with salmonella, the agriculture department does not ban its sale to the general public." - now, doesn't that just make a person feel so safe.

I too, am grinding my own meat and over & above the safety factor, the flavor is just so darn good!!

By the way, I was reading thru Charcuterie the other day - I find something new everytime I pick that book up - and they had a great idea to keep in the back of your mind.

When you're running short of time and have a tougher hunk of meat and no time to braise or stew it up, just grind it up, mix with a little onion or mushroom for moisture, season and maybe a little fat of some kind; then saute it up or make patties. Could even stuff grape leaves or cabbage and braise them. Easy and fast.

I loved that idea.
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Since we don't eat beef, pork, or lamb I use little ground meat, and that is turkey. However, this article makes me wonder if I should buy a grinder attachment for my KA.

But, wait, don't I have one? I'm going to have to check...

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That's what I'm thinking, Vicci, the attachment. I know I don't have that one.
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SHOOT! I had it but I sold it a year or two ago because I only used it once. But now, as my forgetful brain cranks up a bit and I'm remembering, it seems to me as though the meat was really sticky when I ground it, and the grinder itself was difficult to clean afterward. Which is probably why I sold it.

Now, since I appear to be "on a roll", if I can only remember where I put my flash drive...

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