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I'm trying to be better about meal planning. Today I was looking at the circular for the better grocery store in town. Something hit me as I cruised through the pages (online). I found it very disturbing the number of prepackaged and pre-made stuff there was in there...not to mention the sodas, ice cream, and cookies. These items FAR outnumbered the fresh ingredients....very sad. I've also caught myself eying peoples carts in the store. I guess it's better than fast food and their cooking at home. But still!
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  Re: Groceries by Gourmet_Mom (I'm trying to be bet...)
A few years ago, I started noticing how most shoppers were getting so many coupons at check out time when I didn't get any and I finally asked one of the cashiers I had gotten acquainted with. Her response? "Jean, you don't purchase the pre-pkged/made/cooked items."

That's really sad. All the folks that report on this kind of thing, say shop the outter areas of the stores for the healthier purchases.
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Shocking, isn't it? When I was working full-time and going around to the grocery stores on my route, I got to see what people buy the most, and it always amazed me. What really cracks me up is when people complain about the price of fresh produce, but don't bat an eye at the price of a candy bar or a bag of cookies.

Jean, I'm glad I'm not alone in having only a few coupons to use, and they are mostly for cleaning or paper products, and that's only if we don't make it to Sam's Club.

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I'll admit that I look in people's carts and form opinions about them... I do keep my thoughts to myself at least! I rarely use coupons anymore because of the reasons Jean mentioned. My list each week for fresh foods is always twice as long as my non-perishables list, too.
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I'm a cart watcher, also. I find it upsetting to see all the processed sugar and carbs but the only cure is education. Beans and rice are cheaper and 1000x healthier, an egg on toast rather than a poptart etc.

Since my kids were born (35 yrs ago), I have tried my best to be a healthy cook. I haven't always succeeded but it's still at the forefront of my mind when planning menus and grocery shopping.
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I agree with everyone, and I also watch to see what is in others carts. Amazing, the proportion of prepared frozen foods and snacks to fresh veggies and lean meats! Friends always comment that they can't believe that we buy our fruits and vegetables at Sam's because "the quantities are so big" for two people, but that forces us to eat more (since I don't want to let these items spoil and go to waste). The people with the carts full of processed foods in the grocery store are also showing their kids how to shop. Sad.

When I broke my ankle 2 years ago, we were in huge trouble because DH couldn't cook and, having never used pre-made foods, we had no idea what to do. Fortunately my Mom and a good friend delivered home-made meals until DH learned his way around the kitchen.

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Well, I'll have to admit - I'm a cart watcher as well - sometimes I can't believe what I see. I shop mostly at the commissary on base and there are a lot of very young wives who shop there. If it is not in a box, can or frozen carton, it is not in their buggy. I know they have to watch out for their pennies but those young ones they have in tow surely need some fresh fruits and veggies. If I can use one coupon a week, I am amazed. We buy bulk things at Sam's - mostly the spices, and olive oil and paper products.
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Yikes! it never occurred to me to look at someonelse's cart. If their kids are screaming, I don't want to embarrass them, and if not I guess I just want to get my stuff and get out I keep my eyes glued to my list! I sometimes even forget things I wrote down AND underlined teehee
But for the record, we avoid premade stuff, it's so fattening and besides, I'm conceited enuff to think I can do better
But now, you've all got me wondering....Who's looking in my cart and what do they think????
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You know, I hadn't thought about my lack of coupons. Like Jean says, I shop the outer perimeter of the store, except for the cleaning, condiments, ethnic and rice, and baking aisles.

Jeanette, my produce list is always much longer, also. I kinda cringe, produce is so high. But I know I'm doing what's best. Vicci, I too, don't buy produce at Sam's because it's so much. I hadn't thought about the fact that I would eat more fruits and veggies to keep it from spoiling. For example, I bought one of those big boxes of spring mix for our salad Christmas. We barely made a dent in it, so I brought it home and we had the BEST salads for days. I'm gonna start doing that, too!

I've also noticed that companies like Bob Evans, and the like, who are now making pre-cooked dinners and putting them in the meat department. I guess they think if it's not frozen, it must be better. OIY!
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We just got back from town and grocery shopping. I know back in CA I used to really watch what others were buying. A lot of people here buy packaged, prepared foods. Some of it, I'm sure, is that packaged foods keep if you lose power. I've also noticed the elderly seem to buy more of that stuff.

We spent 70.00 - other than hand soap, bath soap, TP, coffee filters, and 4 cans of mushrooms (@ 2/1.00 they're good for emergencies) everything was fresh food. We try to avoid the inner aisles and stick to just the fresh stuff.

That said - now and then we get something pre-prepared from Schwans. Usually we just get veggies, sausage, etc. But this last time I got a Med. Couscous with Israelie couscous, split baby garbanzos, artichoke hearts, peppers, orzo, almonds,pine nuts. OMG - this was so good. It started as a side but Bob and I wound up mixing it up with our salad.
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