I need some help - PLEASE - for Prime Rib
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Mister brought home a beautiful prime rib to have for New Year's Eve. My daughter and granddaughter will be joining us for dinner. Mister wants to smoke it. I think we should do it in the oven. He smokes lots of things but they are usually in the pork family. I can't imagine how this will taste smoked. What do you all think? We surely don't want to ruin this beautiful chunk of meat. I know with all the knowledge in this group someone can tell me which way would be better/best. Thanks a bunch.
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While I think it could work...It is low and slow...I'd have to agree with you. I'd do it in the oven. That's my two cents. Now let's see what the others say. I know a lot of the others smoke a lot of stuff, so this should be interesting and educational.
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Oven hands down
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Oven, with a salt crust--look in the new C@H-, we did it and it was wonderful!!
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Well, we all have our favorite method of roasting prime rib/beef tenderloins in the oven, but if your husband is hellbent on smoking it, why not make him happy and give it a try. Yes, it's an expensive cut of meat, but what the heck, it won't put you in the poorhouse and he'll have fun doing it.

IF, he does, I would only suggest he get the temp up to 350-375° and watch to make sure you pull it at 120-125°F. Hickory would be strong enough for the beef I think.
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Thank you all so much!!! I had looked at the recipe in the last issue of C@H and thought it looked wonderful. I don't know yet how it will be cooked!!
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Well, if you got some extra $$ or gift cards from department stores, go and buy a rotisserie for him. My hubby LOVES to make prime rib on ours - it's a regular tradition now for every Christmas Eve dinner. We put a rub on it (I can get the recipe if you need it) and we cooked a 13.? pound on our counter-top rotisserie this past Christmas Eve... (Hubby also loves the smoker, but he equally loves the rotisserie... )
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Oh, thank you so much,Carole, we have a rotisserie and we never even thought to use that; but, after much discussion we have finally decided to do it in the oven. Mister decided that if the smoker idea did not work well it would not be good since that is what we are having for dinner. Could you narrow down "East Georgia"?????? I am a Georgia gal.
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I am an oven fan myself but we do have a local restaurant here that does a killer smoked prime rib special every Friday and Saturday. I have done them and they do taste wonderful smoked but I'd get a nice bone in "prime style" rib roast for smoking and do the boneless in the oven.

I do a nice Herbs de Provence rub on mine along with a bit of olive oil good salt and a four "pepper" blend. Start at a high temp for "browning" and bring it down in temperature for the "slow and low" thing. Not the same as everyone else here but it works for me and those that have had and loved my prime rib. Actually had a USDA certified PRIME "prime rib" for Christmas dinner last week...
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