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Hello everyone! This is Half Baked/Jan. After I posted about our dear Billy, I was no longer able to get on [Email]C@H.[/Email] I wrote to the Mods several times and never got a response.

Anyway, this is regarding Billy. Did anyone else receive an email from his [Email]tydyworld@msn[/Email] email account. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it.

The subject line: Re:Hi B

I won't open it for fear it is some type of virus but I was curious if y'all got it, too.

How is everyone? I'm still getting the [Email]C@H[/Email] mag and plan on cooking more, after I make some menus. I will not go to the market again w/o a list, and I will stick to it!!! MrEnnui and I have been snacking more than sitting down to dinner, and our weight reflects that.
Jan (aka Half Baked)
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Hi Jan! Welcome back!

I immediately went and checked, but no, I didn't get one. That's really strange. I'll be curious to see what it is.
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Don't open it, Jan - Lorraine got one also and it's a baddie!

Good to see you again.
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I wouldn't open it but I was curious to see if anyone else received it.

Thank you, Jean. It's good to see you, too.
Jan (aka Half Baked)
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Good to see you back Jan - no, I didn't get it but then our email address changed just before we moved so . . . ?

I've touched base with Marilee on Facebook and Billy's old cell phone used to pocket dial me now and then - always sent me into tears.

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Hi Jan, I did receive that email too and deleted it without opening because I was afraid it was a virus. I am rather skeptical when it comes to strange emails.

I hope to see you on more in the future!

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It's nice to see everyone. I've been lax about planning ahead - just running to the grocery store and buying something to throw together, except for the holidays. I have food magazines that I haven't even taken out of the plastic. That's crazy for me. I always peruse C@H, though.


Facebook is difficult. Billy comes up on everything of mine, yet I haven't been able to delete him as a friend. I probably never will. I miss his calls.

Sorry for being a downer. That email shook me to the core when I saw it.

We miss him but Billy's very happy!
Jan (aka Half Baked)
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The way most email-related viruses work is that they harvest email addresses from the infected computer then send emails using those addresses RANDOMLY in the "To:" AND "From" fields. That way, someone will receive an email that appears to be from someone they are likely to know, even though it was actually sent from someone ELSE's computer.

That means, in this case, that there is a good chance that someone who knew Billy AND the rest of you has a virus that is now sending out copies of the virus under Billy's address. It could also mean that some of you may receive similar emails that appear to be from someone else in the group, so be careful and don't automatically trust an email just because it happens to be addressed from someone you know. In fact, I always tell people they should have a rule that if they receive ANY email with an attachment from someone they know, but they weren't expecting such an email, they should contact the supposed sender BEFORE opening the questionable message. If the supposed sender says, "I haven't sent you anything," then delete the questionable message immediately.

There COULD be other explanations, such as there could be someone deliberately and maliciously sending those emails, but that type of thing is rare.

Either way, remember to keep your anti-virus programs up to date and have them scan your computers regularly.
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Thanks for the explanation, Labs.
Jan (aka Half Baked)
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Just leave all the other magazines in their wrapping, Jan and keep on opening C@H and come back soon to the forum.
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