Splendid Soups and Spectacular Sides Book
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Hello All,

What soups and sides have been your favorite from this book?

I just made the Wild Mushroom Soup recipe and oh my! It is very tasty, even though I elected to double the soy sauce/cornstarch slurry, because I like my 'shrooms in a thick, creamy sauce. And I'm thinking that I could use a whole cup of cream as well, but we'll not go there.

I need to start making some soups for my mom to lighten her load. And I'll be hard pressed to save more than a quart from this batch of the recipe.

I'm also looking at the Turkey (or chicken) Tortellini soup. Has anyone done that one?

And if you've ever frozen one of the soups you made, how did it fair in the thaw?


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I have made most of them. All were very good. Just depends on what you are in a mood for.
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I have made a few - but not frozen any.

Chicken Mulligatawny - it was ok.
Sausage Minestra - Very good
Baked Potato Soup - good
Cheeseburger soup - good - kids loved it
Lasagna Soup - very good

I have found that anything with a small pasta (orzo) or barley, I would pull out the portion I want to freeze before adding this and just add to what I am eating now. I think they get too mushy in the freeze/thaw.

I freeze taco soup, chicken tortilla soup and tomato soup all the time with no ill effects.
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These are the ones I've made - I seem to freeze anything/everything, so probably these also.

Black Bean soup & spiced pork kebobs (very good)
Butternut Squash Soup & sausage-apple empanadas (wonderful)
Split pea with ham (great) with crab salad wraps (awful)
Poblano Corn Chowder with crab toasts (wonderful)
Lasagna soup (very good)with spiced Parmesan twists (wonderful)
Baked Potato soup & tomato relish (wonderful)
Cheeseburger Soup with shoestring fries (very good) and chopped salad (so-so)

We really like this book.
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I've made many of the ones already mentioned. I wish I could do the wild mushroom recipe, but YS hates mushrooms and a variety are not available close by. Like Jean, I freeze pretty much all my soups, except for the Lasagna Soup...it gets gone quickly!
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