Sonja's Birthday Dinner
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I wanted to let you all know what Mister did for my birthday. He said he was taking me out to Carrabba's and we were going early evening. I don't like going out at night - don't know why - but if we go downtown to have dinner, we usually stay in a hotel and then come home in the morning. Anyway, I thought that was strange. My daughter and granddaughter came over after work and gave me a card and then hurried on. I thought that was strange. So we got to the restaurant and this was my surprise. Our children and grandies were there to celebrate my 65th. Now I know why we didn't go downtown to a ritzy place!! We had a nice time-don't usually have any problems with service, food, etc. at that restaurant. But, it must have been the night. Only one order (the pizza for the two little boys) was brought to the table hot. The various other dishes were all just barely warm. There were no capers on my veal piccata, etc. etc. Drinks did not arrive, wine was not poured. Finally, everyone finally got their hot dinners and cold libations. Then the manager came over and was whispering to my daughter. Then my daughter got up and came over and was whispering with Mister. He had gotten a very nice cheesecake from the best bakery in Savannah and had taken it to the restaurant earlier in the day-had writing on it, etc. They dropped it out of the box onto the counter upside down. So, they improvised, put whipped cream all around, spread fresh strawberries on top and it looked almost like a pavlova. Then the guy that does the birthday greeting song went to another table (Thank God for small favors). We did have a great time - laughed a lot - but really enjoyed being with my family and being suprised (well, a little bit surprised). Oh, they comped the bill incredibly for all of the above. We should have eaten twice!!
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The intention was the important thing! What a lovely surprise - and the fact that everyone could laugh through it all is wonderful. I'd have loved to see the faces in the kitchen when they dumped the cheesecake! Happy Birthday!
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OH, me too, I just wonder if that's really where they dropped it!! And I really don't like cheesecake. Mister asked Biddy (My daughter) what kind of cake I liked and she said, well, she doesn't like chocolate so they decided I like cheesecake. I seldom eat sweets as Mister really cannot have them - but I told them later that I really like PIE!!!!! But it was good fun
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Sonja, so sorry everything didn't turn out perfectly, but because you realize that being with your family is more important than the food or service, you had a great time anyway. Good for you! Some people would have let this ruin their night. I liked you before, but I respect you even more now. It will make for funny year you will all laugh again. So now, I am dying to know.....did they have the trout wolfe?

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I looked everywhere - no wolves - but the manager did have his sheep's clothing on - he apologized profusely about everything to my daughter - a million times-he was her age - she did not give up her number!!! And yes, I don't sweat the small stuff!!
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Was he apologizing to Biddy? She is stunning.

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Yes, for the cold food, the slow drinks, the "upside" cake, the price of eggs in China - told her a story about a time when two parties got mixed up on cakes, that took 15 minutes - her daughter just kept rolling her eyes and Mister and I were inwardly convulsing. It was too funny!!Thanks
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Well, I guess besides it being the "65" one, this is a birthday you will not soon forget, as the rest of the family won't either, I'll bet.
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Jean, I was thought of this same response as I read through Sonja's post-- this will be an ever-remembered birthday!

Filled with fun and family-- who could ask for more?!?!?

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