Turkey Brine
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Okay, I was waiting for my stupid printer to get it's act together before heading to the store and Dear Food Network was on. I saw Alexandra Guarnaschelli talking about a turkey brine. While we have a good brine, I thought this one sounded like it was worth taking a look at: Turkey Brine

What do you think?

BTW, this will air again Monday night at 7 pm EST. There's some pretty interesting recipes on here. They just did a sausage-stuffed stuffing that is then fried that looked amazing! All eight recipes from the episode are listed here, Dear Food Network Top Ten Thanksgiving Tips if you're interested.
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Lol I'm watching the same show!

Sausage wrapped in stuffing and fried...OMG I am so hungry now.
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sounds tasty, I might give it a try with a chicken.
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If you try it before T'day, let me know! I may do the same thing for Monday's dinner.
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