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Hi everyone!
I am looking to buy a whole new set of kitchen tools because mine are all so old...Im talking about peelers, can openers, that sort of stuff. Any suggestions would be a huge help
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If you love corn and shuck ears to store for the winter months, XOX's Corn Zipper is one really cool gadget.

I shucked a dozen ears in 10 minutes and because it not only cuts the kernels off, it has a holding place for about 4 passes of kernels. Hardly a cleanup afterwards!

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I love all of my OXO good grips tools. Sometimes they even have a huge set around the holidays at Sams or Costco.

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Oh crap, this is twice today - Billy was the gadget king. He would have loved to answer this one. when I stop tearing up, I'll come give some of my favorites...... darn.
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My most unique tool is the green bean frencher--it really works. It is a little tedious(sp?).
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I agree the OXO peeler is my fave. Also I have a Pampered Chef Micro Planer that I use alot.
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I love my Microplane. Someone just recently, Cubangirl (?) noted they have a whole line of stuff, so that is on my Xmas list. OXO products are really good...I have their peelers and scoops. I couldn't live without my instant read thermometer. I also like my ricer, but get a good one. DD has one that the potatoes squish out the sides. I don't do corn off the cob, because it was always such a pain when I was a kid. I'm going to check out this device! Thanks for the info. Also, I'm giving the immersion blender another try...I think I've decided on a KA. I've burnt up 3 average priced brands, so I'm hoping the saying, "You get what you pay for." works this time.
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Daphne, on the immersion blender, mine is a cuisinart and I use it daily and love it. I think I have had it at least 2 years now. My SIL, has a Braun, she did a ton of research and that is what she ended up buying. Not sure how often she uses hers though.

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Thanks for the info Theresa. I need to look at the thread on this again. I was thinking the KA was the most recommended. Maybe I should do a poll. Although, this really wouldn't work. If you haven't used all three, you wouldn't know which was better. I think I'll google it for a consumer comparison.

BTW, one of the selling points for the KA is that it comes with all the attachments. Does the Cuisinart? I want to think that $$$ played a part in my final decision as well. Seems like the other thread was split. I'll go see.
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Mine is a braun. I do not use it all the time - but I have had it since they first came out - over 15 years ago?!

We use it a lot in jam making.
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