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Hello all!
I'm new to this board but have been a subscriber to the magazine for a couple of years now. I am thinking about updating my recipe management software and would like to know what some of you are using and whether you like it. I have been a Master Cook fan and have gone through several revisions. The version that I am currently using is version 7. I've heard that some of the later versions are not as stable since Sierra sold it to Value Soft. Version 9 seems to have some additional features such as importing directly from a web page. I've also been looking at Big Oven and Living Cookbook. Any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated. Especially interested in personal experience with what you are using.
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I haven't ever used recipe software but would love more information on what is available. Seems like something that could really help me out
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I have only used MasterCook and I think it's a wonderful program. I have Version 9. Our resident MasterCook guru, unfortunately died last month. Billy could do things with MasterCook that would make your head spin. Now, we've lost that wonderful source.

I've never used another program, so it will be interesting to hear what others have to say.
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I have MasterCook - version 8 I think. I know it is not vs 9. I really like the program and I don't even use it to its full potential. I LOVE the web import tool. That is what I use the most!

The drawback - it won't load on VISTA. I wonder if they will have any problem loading it on Windows 7. I have it loaded on Windows XP and it works fine.

I know at least one person (but can't remember who) uses Living cookbook. Hopefully they will log on and give you their opinions...
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I use MC9, also. I love it! But like Jean and Erin, I have not tried another, so I don't have a base for comparison.

BTW, welcome to the forum! I hope you'll hang around and join the fun! We've got a dinner review(s) going on if you're interested.
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I'm in the MasterCook camp as well. Started with version 4 and am currently using 9 and love it.

Welcome to the forum, John. We are always happy to have new members jump right in and join us, so stick around. You will acquire some really great recipes and meet some real nice people here.

Don't forget to put your birthday on the list if you want to pick your birthday dinner.


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Hi, I have Living Cookbook both on my desktop and my laptop and wonder how I ever did without it. I chose it because it is more versatile than MC and it works beautifully on Vista (both 32 and 64) and Windows 7 (32). I haven't updated my desktop to 7 yet so I can't speak to 64 but don't expect any problems. I highly recommend it. Here are some of my comments on it from the CI forum:
The first thing I did after I got the program was to make a backup called rejected cookbooks. I then deleted all the ones that came with the program. I started adding the recipes already in my computer and those online recipes I could easily copy directly into it. The capture feature makes copying recipes that are already in Word is very easy. I do those and online ones on my laptop while watching tv. I hate doing just one thing at a time. Actually, the most tedious part for me was cleaning up the ingredient database. It had a lot of stuff I'll never use and is missing a few (e.g., miso, Thai curry paste). There is a site that has Living Cookbook that has all sorts of recipes already in the LC format. I just found one cookbook with 506 Ina Garten recipes. I have all her books and really love her recipes. I had a few in there already, but the program identifies those so you can easily delete the duplicates. It will save me having to look them up to see if they are online. Big plus for me. Giada's is pretty comprehensive as well. They have a lot of others but I don't want to get overwhelmed since I have 2629 recipes I looked up and inputed and want to try or make again. BTW, recipes can be exported via email as a fdx file which means it goes into Lc wihtout having to copy and paste. Being somewhat of a geek, I am having fun entering the data for the inventory so I can create shopping lists that include non-recipe items like TJ's candy and fresh fruit. BTW, one thing I do for recipes in magazines or books that are not online is to type the recipe name, a couple of key ingredients and the source. That way I can easily find it and not have to type the whole thing immediately. I transferred a few recipes before the plus site went down, but not enough.Sad I wanted to share my wonderful 21st century experience. I was planning a whole bunch of new meals and needed to get a good portion of the ingredients. I used Living Cookbook and scaled the recipes. I then copied the recipes to Evernote and synced them with my Iphone. I also had Living Cookbook create a shopping list of the items needed for my recipes by store and aisle (I planned Costco, TJs and a supermarket, Raleys in this case). LC created the list, I took out stuff on hand such as salt, pepper, etc. I printed the list, but also copied it to Evernote since I have a habit of losing the lists while shopping. I was able to complete all my shopping in 2 1/2 hours which is great considering the stores where on opposite sides of town. LC has the best customer support of any software I've seen. I suggest that you check out: the Living Cookbook forum for lots of good information. Probably more than you wanted, anyway I would be happy to answer any specific questions. One caveat, the program is addictive.

In the interest of full disclosure I should point out that after I paid retail for my two licenses , I was so impressed with the program I asked DH to include it in our affiliates at our website ArtzQuest.
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Just call me "old-fashioned high-tech." Since I don't use Windows, things like MC and LC are useless to me. For that matter, when I DID use Windows, I still didn't like them, and kept my recipes in individual text files and separated them into categories by placing them in different directories (or, for the non-technical people, "folders"). For the way in which I use recipes, that worked relatively well. Once I moved them all to Linux, it became much easier, since I could link them to multiple directories (thus filing them in multiple categories) and use built-in Linux tools, such as "grep" (a very flexible program for searching files).

Maybe, someday, I'll find another way, but why buy commercial software when the free tools already available to me do what I need?
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Rob you're so uber

I have MC9 but it only works on my office computer, not my laptop and since MC9 won't work on Vista I don't have high hopes it'll work with Windows 7.

So I need to find a new platform. I am the old fashion type I love paper, and I hate taking my laptop into the kitchen to read a recipe. And can't print it out since no printer at home.

I have been looking into the Living Cookbook. I just wish there was something like it that you could do online that offers all the benefits and features. It's a pain to input all your recipes into one computer, then export it out to import it into the other computer(s).
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"I am the old fashion type I love paper," - me, too!
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