Odd but delicious discoveries
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At the risk of everyone thinking I am crazier than they had already thought, I wanted to share these recent discoveries.

1)I know you are supposed to store your ginger in sherry, but I did not have any so I had mine in a jar filled with Pino Grigio. After using the ginger, I could not bring myself to dump the wine, so I sipped it to taste. It was absolutely delicious! I am going to buy more ginger and put it in a new bottle of wine and let it set for a week to enjoy.

2)Last week I made tuna noodle casserole when my tooth was so bad. It was a large batch, tasted ok, but nothing to write home about. Last night I heated up the remainder for dinner and whipped up a batch of wasabi. In my head tuna and wasabi are a good match, right? Hubby and I stirred a spoonful of the wasabi into our servings and it turned into a dinner I loved! It woke up the casserole without overpowering it. But then we love wasabi.

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Oh Theresa, what great ideas!!! I love the wasabi addition to the tuna casserole. Will keep these ideas close.
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yummm I don't think ginger and wine sound odd at all. Then again, I don't think anything with wine is ever odd
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I agree with Peach, what's not to like here??
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Ditto! Thanks for the tips Theresa!
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I have my ginger in a jar of vodka. Lordy it smells good!

When we stopped in Bozeman at Clark's I had an amazing Wasabi Chicken Wrap. I asked about their coleslaw - sweet or ????? Waitress said she didn't know, had never tried it. I'm sure it had wasabi in it - to match the wrap. I raved about it and she said she would tell "chef". Chef was a woman! Brilliant woman!
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When I went down the Navasota River in a canoe with our club (the River Rats), we marinated jalepeno peppers in a large bottle of cheap vodka for a week--drank vodka martinis for three days-(years ago) (when I was young)--some are amazed I lived to be 66. It is one of the only things I marinated in Vodka. Otherwise, I don't like vodka martinis.
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Does anyone know how long ginger lasts when you store it in sherry? I have a jar in the frig that's been in there for a few months now.

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Maryann, I do not know how long it lasts, but I know I have successfully kept it in some sort of white wine for longer than a few months. I think you would know when you pulled it out if it were no longer any good.

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Maryann, I have stored ginger in sherry for many months, maybe even over a year. Then I started to buy the jarred kind (sold in Indian stores or even in the Indian aisle at the grocery store, Swad brand, I believe).

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