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Hey. Just wanted to share my pictures. I'll post a link to my facebook album rather than posting them here. Hope it works.

This is the first year we have ever had luck growing our own pumpkins. It was fun.

Only one incident - while I was carving the pumpkins, Nicky and Chris were being boys and head met lip. Fat bloody lip for Nicky. That is why he is missing in one of the pictures. He was icing his lip.

Halloween 09
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Oh, these are so cute, Erin!! Little Cleo is gonna be a knock-out soon!!!

Hope Denise comes on and posts hers also...
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How precious! And I agree with Jean...what a cutie pie!
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Love the costumes! Did they carve the pumpkins themselves?!?!? I like the spider...

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Wow, beautiful pics of the kiddies, Erin! Love their costumes!

Looks like you had good success growing pumpkins this year. They look great! Nice carving too.

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Erin - great picturs of the kids and the pumpkins too.

bet you had a fun day! -

we only had 2 kids trick or treating ! oh well more candy for the cat - no
I mean us. lol.

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We only had two sets of trick or treaters. The first our neighbors 3yr old granddaughter who told us she was "Cindawella" so sorry I didn't get a picture of that

Next our up the street neighbors one is a scarecrow and the other is "Mother Nature" (she's the one holding Lola)

[Image: HalloweenLola003.jpg]

Erin, I love your kids!!
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awww looks like such a fun halloween
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How adorable!!

I ended up not handing out any treats because I was not feeling good and wouldn't want to pass out germ as well.

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Wow, Erin, those pumpkins look so perfect! I miss the days of my girls carving pumpkins. Your kids are so darn cute and did a terrific job carving. The jack-o-lanterns look so festive lit up. Good to see you are enjoying these years, they grow up way too quickly.

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