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Well we are back....guess that's pretty obivious since I've been posting

As you know I got to go up and meet a few of C@H family members. I cannot begin to tell you what these people are like up close and personal. Jean and Roy are exactly as I knew they'd be. Onry Hahaha I felt as if it had only been a few weeks since we hadn't seen them last, not like meeting for the first time.

Erin (and so sorry Steve couldn't be there) and her 3 kids are just out of sight! These kids are truly a representation of parenting gone right!!

MaryAnn and Terry are the type of people you just feel so at ease with and laugh with. And for the record she makes GREAT JAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a slide show.

After that we headed up farther and over and down...and well 3,609 miles later we made it home.

So many things we saw and learned. Like you can be physically assaulted if you're in Oregon and try to take the gas nozzle out of Derek's hand while he's filling the bike with gas. We had no clue it was a LAW that they pump your gas for you.

I also understand the term Big Montana Sky now. With these huge mountains with sky reaching trees, expansive plains..the sky does need to be bigger to accomodate all that.

And I guess grafiti isn't normal everyday stuff. I saw so little of it when we left S. Calif I just figured everyone had it.

The weather was fantastic the entire trip. I think the hottest temps we encountered was in Sacramento CA at 97 on our way up and out.

It's a long slide show but here are some pictures of our adventures.
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GREAT pictures Denise! I now MUST travel to Bryce Canyon! Gorgeous!

The pics of the visit at Erin's were great as well! The one of Nick was just the cutest! Everyone looked great, but that one just stands out in my mind!

Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Now I've got to get William over here to view the Bryce Canyon pix....I need all the help I can get to motivate him to "Go West"!

I'm ashamed to add, the only pictures he was truly "enthralled" by were of Pearl. Every time Pearl showed up, I had to stop the slideshow and let him look it over slowly, drooling and dreaming!
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Oh man, what a country we have! Just gorgeous pictures, Denise. I think Gertie's got to get on the road....
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Great photo albums, Denise! Really tells the story of your trip.
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Wow. Beautiful pictures Denise. I have never been to Bryce canynon - or the Teetons or Yosemite. I think we may need to make some trips with the kids to explore. Wish I liked camping in a tent - would make it easier and more affordable...

It's also been a long time for Yellowstone.
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Stunning scenery!
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Daphne Derek said for you and William to come out and the two of them can go shopping. Derek said it'll be great, except for the ride home cause you'll have to follow William on his new ride

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