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In Issue 77, it talks about making stocks. In the beef recipe, it suggests using bones from different parts of the animal. Then in the Mushroom stock it doesn't mention using different mushrooms except the Portobellos and Button mushrooms. In your opinion, should you use more than 2 kinds of mushrooms?
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Billy, I know little to nothing about mushrooms. I WILL be anxious to see what the others have to say. I think this would be really good in so many things.
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Go for it. Porcini, for example, are very common for mushroom stock, so I can't imagine why they weren't mentioned. Otherwise, there are two things to consider when chosing:

Flavour: Most mushrooms are relatively mild, but morels are pretty potent, so be careful with them. After that, it's up to you to decide if you think the flavours of other mushrooms are sufficiently distinctive to warrant their use, especially in light of their...

Cost: If you start adding in bunches of morels, shiitake, chanterelles, or especially truffles, your stock will be "rich" in more ways than one!
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Cost is the only reason to hold back on using a variety of mushrooms for me. The flavor would be delicious!!
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