OT but I think you will like it
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Just thought you might enjoy this, I had it posted on Facebook:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fda4_wo6JI T
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Saw it earlier today - funny! I posted it on my facebook!
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Not really related to that one, but another one that is great (but requires a better knowledge of Spanish) is "Gomaespuminglis" (literally "foam-rubber English" because it is "taught" by "Gomaespuma" - a foam-rubber puppet character from a Spanish television show). Pay close attention to the words he introduces at the beginning, since he uses them in a story at the end. The humour comes from his using Spanish words that could have other meanings - not just the English meanings he used originally (e.g. he introduces libras as "pounds," but it can also mean "free," as in "When are you free?"). It's hilarious, and there are other videos in the series, but you DO have to know Spanish to understand the humour completely.
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