It's time :)
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WooHoo we're gonna start our journey tonight and try and avoid some of the heat that's already setting in.

Be seeing you soon Billy and Jean, Erin and Marye.

I won't be posting till Oct 1st when we finally get home. I'm leaving some extra jello shooters in the fridge. Now don't eat them all tonight
  Re: It's time :) by DFen911 (WooHoo we're gonna s...)
>>>>>>WOO HOOO! Party at Denise's! (SHHHHH!)<<<<<<

Really, Denise, I hope you guys have a safe trip! I won't wish you a blast of a journey, 'cause I KNOW you will have one! Hugs to you both and those you visit along the way!

Hopefully, your hosts will post updates on your journey! >>>>HINT, HINT<<<<<
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  Re: Re: It's time :) by Gourmet_Mom (>>>>>>WOO HOOO! Par...)
Me, too!

My sister, her daughter and I leave for Prague with my mom today. Mom is 80 this year and has always dreamed of going to Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic now), her mother's family's homeland. Mom identifies most with her Bohemian ancestry because her father died when she was very young and she was raised by her first generation Czech mom, my Grandma Rose. Rose was s a single parent of three children in the south side of Chicago during the depression. Quite a gal!

I am so excited, nervous, and happy to be embarking on this journey to take mom "home". I think we'll all feel at home when we arrive there. Not sure what's in store for us, but certainly lots of fun, learning and laughter.

Wishing more of my family could join us on this very special trip. I'll take lots of photos with my new camera and post some when I get home.
  Re: Re: It's time :) by HomeCulinarian (Me, too! [br][br]M...)
Hoping both of you have wonderful trips

Looking forward to pix, trip reports, and new food reviews!
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  Re: Re: It's time :) by farnfam (Hoping both of you h...)
Hope you both have great trips!
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  Re: Re: It's time :) by Lorraine (Hope you both have g...)
How exciting! Looking forward to hearing all about your trips. Safe travels, Denise and Jeannette!

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  Re: Re: It's time :) by Mare749 (How exciting! Lookin...)
Oh my, the neighborhood is disembarking this fall!! Safe trip Denise and see you soon! Jeanette, what a trip of a lifetime this sounds like for you and your Mom (etal). Will love hearing your stories when you return.

Next, Maryann is on her way to vacation, aren't you? Well piddle, the rest of us will have to keep cookin' and eatin' to keep the forum going.

P.S. Oh, and Bill & Jane leave soon also!!
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  Re: Re: It's time :) by cjs (Oh my, the neighborh...)
This is going to be quiet few weeks, isn't it. And with Sharon packing. Have great trips everyone!
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  Re: Re: It's time :) by esgunn (This is going to be ...)
Safe trip, also, Jeanette! Yea, it sure will be quieter around here for the next few weeks!

BUT, we get to look forward to lots of pictures and food and fun reports!!!!!!
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  Re: It's time :) by DFen911 (WooHoo we're gonna s...)
Have a safe trip, Denise!

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