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So had a major catastophe at the office and our entire phon system, email and faxes are offline. Needless to day working a lot of overtime to get things back up.

After that Derek and I are getting ready for our next big motorcycle trip. Hoping to see Billy this time (left him a PM but no word yet...gosh I hope he feels ok).

We're gonna go back to Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and home. My butt is going to look like a flat tire
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How far into Washington are you coming, Denise???? Erin's in Federal Way and we could come over that direction. Email would probably work best for Billy - if you don't have his, let me know.

Oh, and Marye is up here too!!

OOOOPs, didn't sympathize at all with your work problems, that's a real bummer.
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Sorry about the problems and overtime, Denise. But at least you've got a nice vacation coming up! Flat tire, indeed! I could NOT go that distance!
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I think we're cutting over on the 84 thru Kenniwick and up the 82/90 into Idaho. That's if the weather holds. If not we'll drop down and stay on the 84 thru the lower area of Idaho.
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Sounds like a fun trip, Denise. We had the power to our entire building go out the day before orientation... we lost a whole day and still don't know the cause. I hate it when that happens!
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BTW, William said it sounds like a GREAT trip. (He has more stamina than me. Or at least he THINKS he does...LOL!)
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