Labor Day Plans?
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What is everyone up to for Labor Day weekend? Any good cooking going on? Steve is on a trip and we are staying home. I am going to start roasting my tomatoes and make some tomato soup for the freezer. (We think we get to stay here and not move! YEA!) Corn is coming in and I bought some fresh so will cook that. I also bought some beets. I didn't think I liked them, but had some in a salad (Not pickled) and really liked them. So will try cooking those this weekend too. Maybe boil one or two for a salad and maybe try roasting a couple and see how I like them.

That is about all for us.

What are you all up to? Cooking? Traveling?
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  Re: Labor Day Plans? by esgunn (What is everyone up ...)
I cooked some beets yesterday and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them yet.

Eating out of the freezer, but I'm doing a special dinner for friends using truffle and caviar. Smoked salmon & creme fresh on endive topped with wasabi caviar for appys.
A pork tenderloin and risotto with mushrooms & truffles.

Other than that - we're packing and packing and packing.
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We have lots of events to go to, and in between I'll be putting up some tomatoes, too. Likewise, Erin, I didn't think I liked beets until recently. Now we have them fairly regularly.

Tonight is the faculty awards banquet, tomorrow is a friend's wedding, and Sunday is an music party of sorts at a local beer garden. No plans for Monday, so I think we'll be taking it easy and staying home.
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Cooking and traveling.

Down here, our Labour Day is May 1st, so this coming Monday is nothing special.

I'll be traveling to a hospital a couple hours from here to help them with some radio set up and testing for a couple of days.

When I go there, I'll often cook something, take something to cook or offer to help with the cooking, since they do provide room and board for me while I'm there. This time, I'm thinking of making those Tamarind-Glazed Turkey Burgers that were so good.

For this week's "casserole," I'm going to make Chicken Pot Pie the same way I had improvised it before. Good thing I took notes! LOL!

Sunday, I'll be trying Erin's Cream of Green Bean Soup recipe.
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Labor Day Weekend is a pretty big deal around here. There is a 15 mile walk / run, bicycle ride or paddle around the lake and a four-mile swim across it. There are usually a LOT of people on the lake over the weekend. So we'll probably take a cruise Saturday and/or Sunday. I'll take pictures and post Monday.

Eating...We're having spaghetti and salad tonight...OS's favorite meal. Saturday, I'm fixing pizzas on the grill...OS second favorite meal! Sunday will be Daphne's Deli on the lake for lunch and burgers, dogs, and chips for dinner. Monday, I'll be fixing Jean's Dinner Review! (You know, I might try including this in the deli box for the cruise.)
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Well tomorrow I'm doing up the Brown Sugar and Bourbon Ribs recipe - who did I smooze that recipe from? cjs?

Always on Labor Day we do Cornish Game Hens over the spit stuffed with citrus fruit and a bit of garlic and rosemary.

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  Re: Labor Day Plans? by esgunn (What is everyone up ...)
making dinner tonight.
gettinp up early and taking my husband for a date.
maybe go to lake if weather is good for Monday.
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Well, we just got home from our Labor Day weekend outing - ran over to Yakima and did some wine tasting and picked up peaches and pluots to can this weekend. So, I'm sure the dinners will be easy, fast and probably out of the freezer.

I sure do have some food ideas to post in another thread - met the cutest little chef in Yakima (yeah, I can be sexist also ) that will be in the next book (he's excited). Good cook.

Anyway, back to Labor day......
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We're pretty much staying put this weekend. Since we started school almost three weeks ago, we don't have the "last summer of the weekend" feel going on. (Plus, it'll still basically be summer here until Halloween). I did just get my fridge cleaned - feeling pretty good about that especially since it was a spur of the moment thing.

The hubby is making an early dinner of baby back ribs (he has a 4:15 appointment with the computer for fantasy football so dinner revolves around that!). I'll make some cheesy potatoes and a green veggie with it.

I've got another easy dinner planned tomorrow - teriyaki boneless thighs on the grill and we'll make our own teriyaki chicken/veggie bowls.

Maybe we'll do something a little more involved on Monday - crab cakes sound like a nice idea.

Hope everyone has a safe, fun, long weekend!
  Re: Re: Labor Day Plans? by Trixxee (We're pretty much st...)
"Plus, it'll still basically be summer here until Halloween." Same here.

"crab cakes sound like a nice idea." Yea, it does, doesn't it!

I've made an executive decision...I'm stuffing the burgers with blue cheese! And since I realized I'll want to use the sandwich thins for sammies tomorrow on the boat, I'm making popcorn bread/buns for the burgers! (I'm hoping the popcorn bread will work out with the sammies for the review Monday. I know it calls for French Bread, but hey, why make two kinds of bread, when, hopefully, one will do! If somebody knows differently, let me know.)

I also saw a Vidalia Onion Pie on TV earlier and decided it would be PERFECT to go with the burgers!
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