Grapes - a warning
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Last Friday I bought some green grapes from a fruit stand. As usual, I didn't wash them before I ate some. About 4 hours later my tongue had swollen very badly. I went to the Emergency Room and they told me I had had a reaction to the insecticide used on the grapes which were from Chile. I learned my lesson...WASH ALL FRUIT & VEGETABLES BEFORE EATING THEM!

I am doing fine now, but be careful.
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Billy we took what happened to you to heart. We are filling the sink with water and really cleaning our produce before we eat it.

I feel so bad that happened to you, but know that you've change one person's habit at least
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Hard not to eat some goodies on the way home, isn't it? Hard lesson.
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Just a thought - perhaps a good reason to eat locally and seasonally. Although a fruit stand should be selling local produce it seems that more and more of them are selling the same imported stuff that the grocery stores are selling.

I used to buy a product called "FIT" that was just mad for washing fruits and veggies. I think I'll go back to that.
Usually you can find it in the produce section.
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