Gingered Peach Butter (Issue 76)
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This time of August, the locally grown peaches are starting to arrive at the fruit stands. I've been waiting for six weeks for some decent peaches so I could try the gingered peach butter recipe in August 2009 issue.

What to say, what to say. It's not bad -- a tad too sweet for our tastes -- but nothing I'd ever spend a sunny Sunday afternoon making again.

We'll probably end up using it as a base for a barbeque sauce, or maybe serve it with some fried ham and biscuits.

Anyone else make it yet?
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How about adding some vinegar and some kind of hot pepper and turning it into a sweet-and-sour sauce for Asian ribs?
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The recipe does look like it's calling for a lot of sugar and honey. That's too bad. But, with the addition of some jalapenos or other peppers, I bet it would be good used as a glaze or even on a cracker with some cream cheese...or maybe add some to the Cream cheese ice cream recipe. oh my, wouldn't that be good?
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