Dinner August 14
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I figured since Jean is off salmon fishing , I'd step in to see what everybody is having for dinner. Maybe Jean will pop in later to share how she cooked that fish.

We're having steak with Lab's mushroom sauce. I can't decide whether to have the corn casserole I'd planned, or pasta to enjoy the rest of the sauce. William is refusing to have anything but plain steak and spinach salad with pine nut dressing. He says his weight is going the wrong way...LOL! Between you and me, it's not WHAT I'm having for dinner that's causing this....it's the seconds and the leftovers for appys!
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Oh my, how we all love to eat, and we do it so well! I've always envied my father-in-law who has this amazing metabolism and can eat more than any of us and not gain weight. Doesn't seem fair.

Anyway, dinner is probably going to be chinese take-out. We have had a busy week and just feel like veggin' out in front of a movie tonight.

Daphne, when do you have to go back to school? My daughter went back Tuesday already to set up her classroom and hold some classes to train her aides for some new reading program they are using. It just seems way too early for school to be back in session, but that's how they do it in her school district.

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Grilled coconut curry chicken and coconut couscous with toasted almonds. Also asparagus.
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Shiitake mushrooms and... ??? Still don't know, better figure it out pretty soon.
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Turkey and Green Bean Stir-Fry with Peanuts. FINALLY have some green beans and we've enjoyed this recipe from Food & Wine for a couple of summers now.

I left my bottle of mirin at the lake house, so will have to sub sweet sherry, and I'll use some of my gorgeous Thai basil as well. The only problem is turning on the stove and heating up the kitchen to use the wok, but at least it will be cooked quickly.

Maryann, my sister was already working on lesson plans when we visited last week! A few years ago, when she taught kindergarten, we spent one afternoon of our August visit cutting alphabet letters out of card stock...

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And here I am trying to forget the date...to the point that when discussing the menu for the next few days, William asked...that's all I get for Sunday dinner, hamburgers (typical Sunday dinner)? Sunday is our 29th anniversary!

School starts Wednesday...the day before YS 20th birthday....UGH!!!!!!!

Lab's mushroom sauce was VG! I'll post a review on it on that thread tomorrow....got a few suggestions.
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