Since it is August 12
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We lost her three years ago, and today she would have turned 97.

My Mom's mother, Gram was instrumental in my love of cooking. She was a great cook (she and my Grandfather owned a diner, even though he was blind) and encouraged me, along with my Mom, to be in the kitchen through their being in the kitchen. I always "got to" help, and Gram bought me my first cookbook. Betty Crocker's Cooking For Boys and Girls.

Gram's fried chicken is legendary in our family. And I have to add that she and Grandpa also owned a poultry-processing company (she woke at 3am to pluck chickens!) and an egg hatchery (the state inspectors always made my Grandpa puff our with pride when he told my grandparents that theirs was "the cleanest hatchery in the state on Pennsylvania").

I miss them both, and am thankful for all that they taught me.

Just wanted to reminisce a bit... thanks for putting up with this.

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What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing.
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Happy Birthday to Vicci's Gram!!! And do we know how 'Gram' did her fried chicken?????

(to this day, I can smell wet feathers in my mind.....oh, how I hated plucking those buggers.)
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Great story, and thanks for sharing it, Vicci! Like so many of us who had someone to "spark" our interest in cooking, you are blessed! Happy Birthday Gram!

P.S. Vicci, when are we going to hear about your vacation???

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Happy birthday to Vicci's Gram! Nice story.
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May I add my Happy Birthday to Vicci's Gram. You made me stop and think of my own nanna, I bet they would have liked each other
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I heard from my cousin today, she was thinking about Gram too. She was remembering (and craving) blackberry pie!

The fried chicken recipe was one that, for some reason, nobody bothered to write down. Mom says that it seemed to be simple-- fresh buttermilk and seasoned flour, but nobody can seem to duplicate it.

Jean, I am thankful that I do not have the memory of wet chicken feathers. Gram said that, when they sold the poultry business and bought the diner, she could then "sleep in until 4". Oy.

Maryann, no vacation tales because we haven't gone there yet! 31 days to go. I've spent only 8 days in the last 3 weeks at home though, mostly entertaining at the lake house. Alas, summer is quickly disappearing!

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That is just a wonderful tribute! **raises her glass to Gram** I am just sure she and Grandma Daisy are chatting up a storm and swapping recipes!

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