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Well he had a wonderful day yesterday. Derek was off, Laura was able to skip one day of school and get school credit, and her best friend got to come as well. I just love SeaWorld and Daphne inspired me so here is my slide show

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I lived in San Diego for 12 years and never made it to Seaworld. The Zoo, yes, several times.
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AW...I can't wait! It may be my computer, but I'm having a little trouble getting it to load...actually, I'm pretty sure it's my computer. I'll try later after someone else has successfully loaded it.

If it's anything like SeaWorld in FL, which I assume it is...what a great day I'm sure you had! Further comments when I've loaded the thing.

I take that back...I think Photobucket is having problems...I get the slideshow screen, but no slideshow....HMMMMM????? Anybody...?

Update...It is Photobucket. Thanks to my daughter, I have learned you can get to all of someone's pictures(isn't that a scary thought), so I was able to see the pics....the slideshow just won't show. OOPS! Take that back...if you click on the second photo, it will take you to the slideshow. It's the first pic that is messing things up.
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Now that that problem is solved...

I forget how beautiful your daughter is! And that sea otter! There was a family of them that used to live on the docks near Mom and friends' houses...a momma and her babies...sooooo cute!!!!

You know, I was so jealous of the folks that got drenched in the shows. I never get the fun the water rides where some folks come out soaked, and I get a little splash....what's up with that?

Great pictures Denise! Looks like a great family time was had by all!
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Great pictures, Denise! I love Sea World too, and have been many times. Looks like you all had a great time.

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What a fun time you must have had!
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We used to have one in the Cleveland area. I took my kids when they were small, and, after having seen the commercials, I had to console my 5 year-old daughter when we didn't get wet. Great pictures!

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We love Sea World. I have been in San Antonia a few times. Took the kids to San Diego two years ago. They loved it!
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Great pix, Denise.

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