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I am so excited! We are going to Disneyland. Trip is paid for, so no backing out now! My hubby does not like to travel-since he has to do so much of it already. BUT, we are going in March! Sun and fun, here we come.

I have been to both Disneyland and Disney World, but the kids have not been. 2 years ago we went to Palm Desert/San Diego and Mexico and went to Sea World. They loved it.

I think I am more excited than the kids! We are staying at a hotel accross the street from Disneyland. It will be a short trip - fly down on Tuesday, back on Saturday morning. But nothing to do but go to Disneyland and the pool!
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OH BOY! I remember when we took our three to Disney World years ago. Two were really too small to enjoy much of it and sadly never got back down there. Your kid's age is PERFECT! I wish I could go along just to see their faces! I bet they will be wild by the time you get there. Good luck and have a blast!
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Have a great time Sweetie!

"Proud mom to three 6 year olds" Boy, I remember when that number 6 was a lot smaller! Kids grow like weeds don't they?
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Hope you all have a wonderful time!
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Have a wonderful time! 6 years old is the perfect age for Disney Land. We took the girls when Laurie was 6, Jennifer was 3 1/2 and just too young. Too small for most of the rides, scared of everything, especially Goofy. Laurie had a ball though.

Take lots of pictures and enjoy yourselves!
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I'm happy for you and your family! I think your timing is perfect all the way around. The weather should be very pleasant in March and the crowds won't be
so very big since school won't be out yet.

I've been going to Disneyland (only because we live in SoCal) taking kids and grandkids off and on for more than thirty years now and I never tire of it, though I do 'get tired'.
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Plan a dinner at Epcot at "Chefs du France" and order the onion soup gratinee and the duck. Or try the Cassoulet! It was the best soup I've ever had!!

And do Test Track. Let me know what the Glider ride was like, we never got in to do it.

Have fun!!

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Doh!! I just realized you're on the west coast.


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Enjoy the trip!!! I have been by it and seen it from the road but never been to a Disney park, Sea World, Six Flags or ANY big theme park!!! Go figure...probably the only 30-something in the world that hasn't been to one!?!
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Erin you will have a blast!! HHmm might have to pop down to Anaheim that weekend and say Hi It's only an hour away.

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