Prime Rib Sushi
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Okay I found another recipe at this website called Prime Rib Sushi, you have to just look at this! (Of course this is not 'authentic' Japanese, but it is clearly delish!)

[Image: s2009-01-08_prime-rib-asparagus-portobello-sushi.jpg]

They used blanched collards, blue cheese-parsnip-potato mash, strips of gently reheated prime rib, roasted asparagus and sauteed portobello mushroom. The sushi roll was plated with a drizzle of Cabernet Port Reduction
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Now that looks interesting!!!! My favorite ingredients--thanks for sharing your discovery, Laura-----may be an upcoming dinner ---

Collards will have to be swiss chard or spinach--don't have collards here!!
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Boy does that look good! I may have to give that a try sometime that I've got leftovers. That's a fabulous way to repurpose leftovers!
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It's a minor coincidence, today the mailman delivered a book I ordered. "the story of sushi - an unlikely saga of raw fish and rice" by author Trevor Corson who also wrote "the secret life of lobsters". No, I'm not kidding. Anyway, "sushi" is supposed to be a good read. Remains to be seen.

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Now that is where my 1/2 lb. of leftover prime rib is going!!! How good does that sound.
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