Making Brunswick Stew
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This will be a progressive post. I hope you guys don't mind if I share, but this is such a special project for me. My father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease when my baby, now 19, was still in the womb. Several years later, when it was obvious he was declining quickly, William, my brother and I decided it was time to learn his secrets for a perfect BBQ. So that Thanksgiving, we gathered at my parent's house to do one last BIG cook! We cooked innumerable pounds of Boston Butts for BBQ, a gallon of his special sauce, and gallons of his special Brunswick Stew. I soooo wish I had pictures, but the memory of that day and night are permanently imprinted in my mind.

This weekend, we are making Dad's Brunswick Stew in mass quantities to share with friends, to put in the freezer, and enjoy on a COLD winter day. It's been years, and I can't wait. So here is the first of the pics I will share over the course of the next 24 hours of the process to make a LARGE quantity of this wonderful stew. This is how my daddy made this stew for special clients when he catered. I even have his pot for the process....just wish I had that "fat daddy" cooker he used that would hold two hogs or dozens of Butts and had four gas burners large enough to hold 15 gallon pots on the fenders. (This is going to be dicey to get the meat cooked tonight on my little stove.) It's gonna be a long night, but the wine is good...LOL!

Here's the cast of characters: (NOTE: Wrong BBQ sauce, a third of the amount of pig's feet, and WAY too much corn....JEAN check your PM box!)

[Image: BrunswickStew1.jpg]

I know, Dad's pot looks kinda rough, but it has served years of pleasure on a plate.

[Image: BrunswickStew2.jpg]

I so wish I had gotten a pic of the meat and onions in the pot before they added water...OH WELL!
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Ooh! Shall be watching this one (and hoping the recipe is included). There's just something special about a good Brunswick stew!
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Wait for it....

Whew....the meat is all done.

Here are the six chickens in my BIG pot.

[Image: BrunswickStew3-1.jpg]

And then the chickens separated from the other meat in my regular stock pot.

[Image: BrunswickStew4.jpg]

And then the two Boston Butts chilling in my mega aluminum bowl. (We put this in the fridge since it didn't have a lid.)

[Image: BrunswickStew5.jpg]

All the boney meat is removed to be deboned tomorrow early. WHEW....It didn't take as long as I feared. Everything is on the patio or in the fridge chilling...It's in the teens here, so we're using Mother Nature as our more reason for doing this now.....

I'll let you know how it turns out tomrrow!
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My Dad fried bacon and scambled eggs, I love him--I learned to cook on my own. I inherited a pot like that but bigger (for a propane boiler). I let it go to someone who could use it. I have a similar one now but use it for beef stew, etc.--I don't have a clue as to what to do with pigs feet--I know they add colligen (sp),or thickness, (gelatin). I do gumbo with a roux and okra in a pot like that with chicken and shrimp. I anticipate your stew--I really look forward to it--a labor of love--here's to your Dad!! Jane is from South Carolina and does a lot more with pork. I love pork and want to expand my horizons. Daphne, I'm on board for the trip!
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Daphne I love this post!!! Ok so this is going to sound weird, but it tears me up. I saw that pot on the stove and cried. I didn't even know your dad but seeing that pot and thinking of the memories you all are

I wish I could be there with ya Can't wait to see the rest!
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Okay, it's the ungodly hour of 7 am on a Saturday, and I'm up taking pictures and trying to wake up to finish this thing. Talk about a labor of love.

Denise, I have cried several times already....William and I both. William and my dad were very close. So this is touching his heart as well.

He's off to get the right BBQ sauce and the missing pig's feet. Bless his heart, he's already deboned and shredded the chicken and the pork. I'm still trying to wake up and having my first cup of coffee.

Here is the "white" meat shredded in my "little" stock pot. I'm a little worried. I don't think the 15 gallon is going to be big enough for everything. If you look at the Big pot above and the level of the liquid, you will see what I mean. (BTW, I posted that it has chicken in it, but it actually has all the meat and the onions.) I think I'll take out some of the liquid and put in the "little" pot and go from there. Anyway, here we are now. Thanks for the encouragement you guys. Labs, I'll post the recipe at the end.

[Image: BrunswickStew7.jpg]
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Thanks for the update, Daphne and I will make the necessary changes in the 'darn book'

I have a pot looks like the same size as yours - I hope my kids remember it as fondly as you do yours! I used to make Booya cleaning out the garden and freezer at the end of the season every year - clear to the top! Kept the family going for months.

I'm so anxious to make this stew.
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That's how I make my soups Daphne, keep getting the next bigger pot until I reach my 18 qt size which is the biggest I have.
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Okay, it's the ungodly hour of 7 am on a Saturday

Wow! Some people DO get up really late! Unless I were really sick, I couldn't imagine not having those two extra hours at the beginning of the day.

The stew is looking great! Can't wait to see the finished product and the recipe. Pity there isn't a web technology for transmitting taste.
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Getting ready to go out to the farm. I'll post the rest of the pics later in the day. That pot is SLAM full! And I removed almost 5 gallons of broth! Gotta figure out what to with that later. There's only about 5 inches of "wiggle" room to spare. William got gone too fast for me to take a pic, but I'll get one when I get out there. I hope it'll have time to "stew" enough before folks get out there. But as you all know, it will really be at it's best tomorrow.

BTW, Labs, the hour was ungodly for me, because I have to get up so much earlier than that during the week. Saturday is my day to "sleep in" to at least 8 or 9. I have never been much of a morning person.
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