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William has really gotten into cooking at the camp lately. Today he cooked up some BBQ and fixin's. I know this looks pretty primitive...the man has got to get a table. But not bad for an antique propane stove from a 1948 Coachman camper his parents used to have parked on a lot at the beach.

[Image: TheFarm001.jpg]

[Image: TheFarm002.jpg]

Also, if you look here , you will see the camp has come a long way. But this is a long way from where we want to go.

BTW, the building was moved from our property here at the lake. William's father built that himself when William was a little boy. His little jacket he wore on a visit while it was being built still hangs on a nail inside.
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Very nice layout!

Nice Cabin
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Thanks Bob. It's a shame I can't get on C2C any more. There have been so many times I would have liked to add to my blog. Oh well.
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Daphne that is so cool!!!

Get that boy a dutch oven Oh and grub box.
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I'm on that right now. I was just showing him the pics that Sage posted in your DO thread. Although, I don't want him too excited. He's promised me a commercial kitchen out there eventually. It's his lure to get me to spend more time out there. Little does he know....a bathroom would probably do it....LOL! SHHHHHH, don't tell...I want that pro kitchen. He has even promised an outdoor kitchen as well. That will probably come soon, because he would enjoy that as much as me. ****Crosses fingers and wishes on lucky stars***** But I want the bathroom first...LOL! I can go in the woods like the rest, but......
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Daphne - maybe you already posted previously, but what exactly is your camp? I'm guessing you host hunters on weekends.

Looks pretty rustic. I think I'd be wanting a flushing toilet before a stove, too.
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Yes, Jeanette, that is exactly what it will be. This is our retirement plan. We've got 50+ acres right now, with 50+ possible soon....all adjacent to a 2000+ game preserve. The deer on this property is unbelievable. William got his limit in the first week of hunting season...and big bucks, too!

Anyway, we hope to add a bath/bathroom unit next, outdoor kitchen (since it will hopefully be on the books this summer) and dining hall/bunk house later.

We're in no hurry, as I can't retire for another couple of years. And it's nice to build yourself and use what you've got and save money...what with the economy like it is. Hopefully, when we get it up and running, the economy will be improved and we'll have plenty of hunters. To extend the season, a duck empoundment is in the plans as well. Spring, summer, and early fall are designated for travel. I can't wait!
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What a great place! Such a sweet touch to have your husband's childhood jacket hanging in the cabin.
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Funny aside, he has put up paneling in there, as it was never finished inside. But they included that nail and little jacket...I was VERY specific about a matter of fact, it was a condition to moving the building off our lake property....LOL!
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Daphne - thanx... sounds like your William is a sentimental fella!

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