Rachel Ray...again?!
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OMG she does dogfood now?!?! For the love of pete.
  Re: Rachel Ray...again?! by DFen911 (OMG she does dogfood...)
Teehee, Denise, I first read that as "For the love of pets" then I looked again
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  Re: Re: Rachel Ray...again?! by farnfam (Teehee, Denise, I fi...)
Just for fun.... Ya'all wanna guess what the next gimmick for Rachel might be following Dog Food?

I'm guessing Baby food.
  Re: Re: Rachel Ray...again?! by HomeCulinarian (Just for fun.... Ya'...)
She has her own: olive oil (EVOO), cookware, knives, mixing bowls, garbage bowl, cookbooks galore, several shows, dog food, kitchen utensils, bedding, balsamic vinegar, soup stocks, Yum-o! apparel.

I will make a prediction, unless this has already come true and I don't know about it yet, (drum roll.......)

Rachel Ray Frozen Dinners!
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  Re: Re: Rachel Ray...again?! by HomeCulinarian (Just for fun.... Ya'...)
You have to give her credit. She's living the American dream, building a huge business all starting with a love for food. I crown her, RayRay, the new Oprah...

[Image: RayRay2.jpg]

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Aww c'mon now, don't be hatin'
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  Re: Re: Rachel Ray...again?! by farnfam (Aww c'mon now, don't...)
Well, true confessions - I had heard from a friend that all of the junk in regular dog food can shorten your dog's life, so I went shopping for dog food with no junk added. I must say that when I looked at the label for Rachel Ray food, I was impressed and bought it. Now, I am an 'anti-marketing target' if you've ever seen one, so when my hubby teased me to death for buying into Rachel Ray food for the dogs no less, I tried to explain that it was the label! Now, I must say, we watch our three doggies absolutely devour that stuff, and they all have noticeably renewed energy too. So, I am a convert. I also just like her. She's cute, energetic, smart and made herself rich with all of the above. I must say that I don't like nearly as many of her recipes when I try them, percentage-wise, as I do others, but I still like to watch her cooking show.
  Re: Re: Rachel Ray...again?! by carolekv (Well, true confessio...)
In defense of Rachel (although I can't take more than an occasional show because of the high-energy level), I saw her bio on food channel and was impressed. She knows who she is; she knows her limits; she knows her stuff; she knows she is not a chef; she really is not egotistical at all, as far as I could tell. It has taken awhile but I've warmed up to her - in small doses.

I haven't made many of her recipes but the ones I've tried have been excellent.

I'm not big on any of her products, orange being my least favorite color for one thing, but I give her kudos for her spunk and success, and the great recipes she's given me.
  Re: Re: Rachel Ray...again?! by sophia (In defense of Rachel...)

Rachel Ray Frozen Dinners!

Well, if you count food for the astronauts, she's done it...LOL!
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Seriously, I'm not being catty but...

I met her a few years ago and didn't even know who she was. I do not have cable, and I don't watch television (which is why no cable!), so I have no idea but... has she gained a lot of weight? She seemed to be much thinner 4 years back. I've seen her photo on print ads, but those can be retouched.

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