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This was really EASY!!! I had this done and on the table in about 20 minutes. A very tasty dish--but then how can you miss with pork and pineapple!

Changes I would make---I would caramelize the pineapple pieces after the pork is seared and then add to the end to warm through. I did not make the boats--but I think that would have been a little over the top with the pineapple--totally unecessary---IMHO. I also used asparagus because the green beans did not look too fresh in the market...nice with this dish. I would also add a bit more cornstarch to the sauce ingredients to thicken a bit more...the written recipe was a little too liquidy to cling to the rice. I used orzo but that is personal preference--plain white rice would have been great. Brown rice was recommended but we (read: Peter) don't care for brown rice soooo....

I will try this again with those could be better!
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Thanks, Roxanne, I have been eyeing this one for a while. Good to know it is worth trying. I like the idea of subbing the aspargus. It will be a good one on days I work.

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I've avoided that one because of the boats. Sounds good, and I especially like your suggestion for pre-cooking the pineapple.
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I was just thinking of this recipe yesterday! I made it once before. Will have to go see if I ever posted a review. We liked it, and I was thinking of making again soon. I did not make it in the boats either. Unnecessary.

Well, I just looked up my Hawaiian Pork Stir Fry review and recipe . In case anyone wants it I had posted the recipe too. I guess I did not add the pinapple, but we still liked the stir fry. (My pineapple was bad). Will definately make this again soon, I just bought a bunch of green beans!
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Thanks for the review Roxanne. I have been thinking of this one for a while as well. I think I noted Erin's review. I don't think I ever got around to it because of the "boats". I'm adding your notes and will definitely give it a try now.

I need recipes like this, especially on Thursday and Friday when I'm REALLY the Carbonara a try tonight per Theresa's advice that it was fast and easy. I wish I had known, I picked up some ribs for tomorrow night...wanted pork. Oh well, now I've got something for next week.
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