Tonite I "created" a dish ....
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..... of sorts. Roasted some zukes, onions, tomatoes, lightly seasoned. Pan fried some chicken quarters and finished in the oven. Arranged in a dish, polenta w asiagio, roasted veggies, chicken quarters and topped with fresh, chopped basil leaves. It was very good and satisfying. Looked pretty too, but I sipped wine as I cooked and tho' I planned to take a photo, it "slipped my mind" hic
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As long as you enjoyed it, that's all that matters. Now if you'd used the front quarters I'd have joined you
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Sounds great. I love to create new things. Many times, I've been so satisfied with them that I made sure to write out the recipe for future use.

Cooking can be a lot of work, but it can also be a LOT of fun - keep creating!
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Sure sounds good Cis! And what a nice way for something to "sip" your mind. *HIC*
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Cis, this sounded delicious! Wish I were there...

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Great!!-Experiment!! Sounds good! My first "creation" was when I was a night nurse in an alcoholic ward in Round Rock Texas my second year in college (1963). My roommate and nurse associate, had a kitchen and we cooked our dinners--I fixed a casserole of chicken breasts with Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup and Cream of Celery soup--baked in the oven. Not too creative, but not bad for a 19 year old!! Simple, and sophomoric (accurate), compared to yours!
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My first creation that I can think of is Chicken, Pasta & Pesto.... Grilled or pan seared chicken breast meat cut in strips, frozen package of rotini with California mix, and a container of refrigerated pesto sauce. It was a huge hit with the family. I might just have to make that again soon.
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Both of those are so much better than mine!! I was just so young!
(It did taste good)
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Cis that sounds yummy!

Lol my first 'dish' was when I was 12. I took some english muffins, topped them with left over spaghetti sauce, and a piece of american cheese and made mini pizza's.

I like Cis's recipe better
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"my second year in college (1963)." geez, in 1963 I was on my third baby!!! And boy, was I making up dishes in those days...hardly had a pot to p** in. I remember (don't know why, I forget everything else!) that pork chops were just beginning to go up in price - I used to buy them so often 'cause they were so cheap, the kid's dad finally yelled UNCLE!!

Cis, that sounds so good! A little sausage and the flavors remind me of Roberto's oven roasted dish.
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