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What would you sub?

I have seen a couple of chicken and artichoke recipes recently...the canned ones are YUCK!!!!

I was thinking maybe baby marrows (round zucchini-little) or cabbage??

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Can you get the frozen ones?? They are far superior to the canned. How about the little marrows and mushrooms??
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Would hearts of palm work in that recipe. I don't mind the canned hearts of palm. I use it for some artichoke dips on occasion.
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Ditto to Calliope's suggestion.
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me too, hearts of palm or maybe even brussels sprouts. hmmmmm
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HEARTS OF PALM????? Uhhh...don't think I have ever seen them here but I will take a closer look next time I shop. Would that be in the canned veggie section?

Love brussel sprouts/marrows and mushrooms soooo....
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I buy canned in the canned veggie aisle- don't think I've ever seen fresh here.
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Marrow? Ok so I googled it. Is that all it is.... an old zuke?? Tell me more
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Actually, canned artichoke bottoms aren't half bad in a casserole.

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Hope your minor issues are resolved and WELCOME back. lxxf!!!

Cis, here marrows are just baby zucchinis...there are no biggies on the shelves. Nice and sweet and tender but they do have a tendency to go soft, mushy and moldy fairly quickly. They are also called patty pans...shapes are similar to a really tiny flying saucer and they come in green and yellow. No summer squash here but the yellow marrows are quite close in taste and texture. Great size for kebabs!
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