Corn Souffle
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Issue 4 page 14

I made this as the "perfect side dish" for tonights dinner. I am a bit is my quandry. The flavors and ingredients are ones that we like. Even though there is a lot of work with this recipe, it wasn't too bad, just a bit messy. Anyway, I made the recipe as given and we found it a bit on the heavy side---like a lead balloon in places. Tasted okay and looked pretty....

I think if I should try this again, I will beat the egg whites separately (as in a true souffle) and fold in as the last step.

I would also blanch the husks a bit longer---make them really limp!!!

Anyone else do this recipe? Advice????
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I haven't tried it yet, but I am surprised they didn't have you do that with the egg whites in the first place. Maybe an error on their part.
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Have not tried this one either, good idea to whip the whites separately. I'm not home, so can't check out what "blanch the husks a bit longer---make them really limp!!!" means to the recipe. interesting.
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