Question re canned beans
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Most of the recipes I see calling for canned beans specify that the beans be drained. Lately, however, I've seen several recipes -in other places- calling for the bean liquid to be used in the recipe instead of the broth or water that might normally be used.

So, I am wondering why the beans are drained in other soup/stew recipes (what is the bean 'juice' actually - water with salt?) and why other times some think it is a better choice. I understand draining it to get rid of liquid when liquid is not needed in the recipe, but wonder if it's actually good to use the canned liquid rather than water or broth?
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It all depends on the dish you are making as you mentioned, but a lot of times its the look some of the liquid can give a dish - especially kidney beans.

I use the liquid a lot to thicken up things, so I usually drain and then hang on to until the dish is done, just in case.

That's my thinking anyway.
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I'm thinking along the same lines as Jean. If you're using red or black beans, the liquid might discolor whatever it is you're making. I also save the liquid just in case too (especially soups).
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Thank you both. Nice to know it isn't some kind of 'bad' stuff.
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My Italian MIL used to always use the undrained cans of beans in her soups. I have just been following recipes without much thought about it. I don't even save the "juices" if the recipe says to drain and rinse.

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