Review Hoisin bbq pork kebabs
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Cuisine for Two Vol 1 page 55
With the Miso noodle salad

WOW!!!! What a burst of flavors in this salad, many textures and colors as well. The dressing has the sweet, smokey, salt component whereas you get the hot and spicey from the peppers in the salad. Pack in some basil, mint and cilantro with red onion...every mouthful is a delight and ya never know what you're gonna get Oh...forget the roasted peanut garnish. Sounds really crazy but this works well!

The kebabs were also good...very easy and again the garlic, ginger and chili always work with pork. I did not have the lemongrass for skewers sooo had to use the bamboo..

This was another fun meal to make...I really like this issue!! And I lied, I have made several of these recipes with a more careful review.
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I love the combination of basil, mint & cilantro!! Got to look this one up - you had me at hoisin.
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I'm gonna have to take another look at this one as well. The basil, mint, and cilantro are iffy for me, but hey, I'm game these days...especially with the hoisin.

Thanks for the review Rox!
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Of course, basil and mint are related and actually quite similar in many ways. Cilantro is something I always welcome. I've often told people, "If you don't like garlic, cumin and cilantro, don't come to Honduras."

...and yes, you had me at "hoisin," too.
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