Christmas Party
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Ok so tonight I am cooking dinner for all my co-workers. Some are due to arrive in about an hour. It's cold and rainy. I worry about folks traveling to and from. I cannot imagine the ice roads some of you all are dealing with.

The cheese platter is ready. Just did 2 cheeses, brie and a nice cheddar. I have both grapes and crackers.

My mushrooms are stuffed, raviolis are made, chicken has been marinating since yesterday and I will grill that off at 4 and then hold it till dinner time. I'm very disappointed in my potatoes. They just would not pipe out. So I formed them in quinelles, drizzled olive oil over them and will bake them that way. The green beans are ready, took Jeans advice and have 2 pots of water on the stove already hot, but not boiling just need to crank up the heat. I made the sauce last night so it just needs to be warmed. Pears are poached will heat those up while we are enjoying dinner.

Lol if anyone other than us read this they'd faint or have a panic attack. And yet we all love it
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Denise, it sounds like you've got everything under control! The potatoes will be fine. Looks like you're ready for a cocktail and enjoy your party! Try to take some pictures or get someone else take them for you! I'm thinking you're gonna have some really happy dinner guests!
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Sounds like a great dinner, Denise. I don't think I'd have time an hour before the guests arrive to be here posting! You go, girl!
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Lol well the last guests have left.

The bad - my ravioli could not be cooked. My fridge went into a power save mode from the last power outage and we forgot to reset it. So they stuck, even with the semolina, so bad to the pan they tore. So I am going to make them tomorrow for dinner for us and cook them up fresh. I'll take some in to my co-workers on Monday.

Everything else came out really well. They all did the nicest thing for me. A few months back I took my fryer into the office to make fried ice cream. Well after that my fryer died. They all chipped in a got me a new one.

So even though it's Sunday...for me tomorrow is Fryday
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Sounds like a great bunch of folks you work with, Denise!! And most things went smoothly. Hope you had as good a time as they must have had!
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Aw, Denise...I'm sorry about the pasta. I'm sure your coworkers were understanding and considering the rest of the menu, went home happy. It sounds like they are a great group of sweet they got the fryer. (HMMMMM...wonder if it was a hint...LOL!!)
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Wow, Denise, you really do have a nice group of co-workers! No wonder you wanted to make a nice meal for them. Very thoughtful to give you a new fryer. They must have really liked the fried ice cream.


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