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Trying to post here for a few days, every now and then I get a connection. We're thawing out from the ice storm from hell, luckily our power was restored within a day, although our neighbors still don't have power. NH has, maybe a little over a million people, and 350,000 of them don't have power. And it's not even winter yet.

Thinking of you, LJ, and the horrible weather you endure. I'm sure you'd sneeze at this storm but while I can deal with the snow, I can't take the ice.

Brrr- hopefully power and all will be restored shortly. Then I'll catch up with you all.

How are the rest of you faring? Meg, you're in RI, how hard did you get hit? And anyone else from New England or New York, Cis, you're upstate, are you digging out as well as de-icing?

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18 below zero til late this morning PJ, about 8" of snow added to what we already had. Could have been worse. No ice-over like you've got to deal with.
Hope you're keeping warm, supposed to be a little warmer here tomorrow. Sending warm thought your way. Keep us posted
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OH, I remember the ice over the snow crap! I've been thinking of all of you back there. And here I'm worrying over a piddly little snow that will close the pass and delay our trip! (what an ingrate!)

All of you stay safe! And put some rum in that hot chocolate 'ala Nigella'
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Strange fall--we had 2 inches of snow this week!! First in 15 years--down here that creates airport delays!!! We're 90 miles from Galveston and the Gulf coast. Finely killed my basil which usually burns up in July. Global warming???
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I hope everyone stays safe in that rough weather. If it'll make you feel any better, even here, we've had unusually cold weather. PJ, I'm glad you got your electricity on relatively fast. The last time we had an ice storm around here, the power was out for almost 10 days....the transformer that fed our house had to be replaced. I got so sick of the sound of that generator!
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PJ and Cis - I've sent my hubbie up your way!! He's in the Troy/Albany area right now and says it is like a war zone there, can't imagine how bad it is further east and north. He was gone for 3 weeks when that ice storm hit Maine years back, so I don't know what to expect.

They were hoping that it would melt yesterday and start to thaw, but as of last night he said that everything was still pretty coated with ice.

Would you believe we have 57 degrees right now? But it is supposed to drop big time today. My thoughts are with you guys - hope the power comes back soon!!
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Got quite mild here overnight and we're getting thawed out quickly, Linda.
Albany got hit, and we got missed, but I know we'll get our share of winter.
My only concern is that it will get cold and freeze all this slush.
PJ, how goes with you?? We didn't get the awful ice you got.
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Would you believe we have 57 degrees right now? But it is supposed to drop big time today.

It's 64 degrees in Philly. The record is 66 for this day. We might break that!

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It's been really strange here. A big snow storm hit the Portland and surrounding area, but about 15-20 miles north they barely got anything at all, the same about 26 miles south. It was 17° this morning, now 38°. I cleared about 6" of snow off my car and let it run for about 15 minutes. The sun is shining and the sky is clear today. The snow/ice was so bad here they closed some of the streets unless you had chains or studs. Still fools were having accidents all over the place driving too fast. Maybe I can go home tomorrow...no snow there.
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