Mushroom Substitute???
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I do not like any type of mushroom but find a lot of recipes I like that have them as a part of it. Is there any vegetable that can be used to replace mushrooms that will not change the dish so much? I would consider leaving them out but in some recipes they are in large quantity.

Thanks all
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There really is no substitute for mushrooms, so about all you can do is to leave them out. If the recipe calls for sautéing the mushrooms until all the liquid is gone, then just omit them. If not, then add a little stock (whatever would be most compatible with the recipe) to compensate for the liquid the mushrooms would have added. If the amount of mushrooms in the recipe is considerable, and is a major part of the volume of the finished product, just add some more meat (or vegetables, if it's an all-veggie recipe) to compensate for the volume the mushrooms would have provided.

Finally, should you find yourself encountering this often, then take whatever mushrooms would have been used and SEND THEM TO ME!
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