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Today finds us touring the Grand Canyon area. We did end up spending an entire day at Yellowstone, did lots of walking to various spots. We got started early and it was chilly, probably in the 30-40's so as you drove you saw these incredible landscapes of frost with these plumes of steam rising. Had to stop for the buffalo and elk crossing the road. Way cool!

Pulled into the parking lot at Old Faithful and found out it was set to go off in 5 minutes! Talk about timing! So here we all are sitting on the VERY cold metal benches waiting . . . hear this rumble and sure enough, there goes Old Faithful. I think. Actually all we saw was just a bigger and higher cloud of steam! I thought it was pretty funny, kind of mother nature thumbing her nose at us, but the rest of the people were a tad grumpy about not seeing anything.

The next day we started out early, but it was much colder and the landscape had changed entirely. Now it was so cold that the steam created a dense layer of fog on the ground we would not have been able to see any of the things we had walked to the day before.

We headed south through the Tetons and unfortunately picked up a stone chip in the windshield. So we are now watching this crack slowly develop across the windshield. Hopefully it will last until we get to CA because I really doubt that any windshield place will have a 2009 Honda Fit replacement just hanging around.

Speaking of the Fit, we are looking more and more like the Clampetts as we progress across the states. Lamp shade on top of the roll of paper towels. Unfortunately, Chelsea has no idea who the Clampetts are. Lord, to be young!

We didn't make it to Bob's. She is getting antsy about getting to Yosemite before the 31st so she doesn't lose her housing. So we are putting in some long driving days.

Miss the chats here. But I will be back by next week.
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Clampetts?? I remember The Grapes of Wrath!!!
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Sounds like you two are having a great trip!! What a cool memory this will make. .......I know who the Clampetts are, do you have a rocking chair in there yet?

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You may not want to go home yet...that monster known as the Lake Effect Snow Machine has already been turned on!

Best wishes for continued safe travels! Hope all goes well for both of you! Make sure we get some details about the place Chels will be working at too! Nice to compare notes ya know what I mean...?
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Fun sounding trip! Keep the diary going and safe driving.
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Wow, how lucky you did the tour the day before. It would have been so disappointing to miss all those beautiful landscapes. Keep the posts coming, I can't wait to find out about Chels new set up. I know she's anxious, but I hope you will drive safely.
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I forgot to mention that we did stop at Bryce Canyon - beautiful! And we did the south rim of Grand Canyon today. Stunning, except for the fact that the visibility is really suffering with the pollution. The little meter read 47 miles visibility when it should be around 130 on a good day. So the colors are muted and you look through a haze. Bummer!

Staying at Kingman, AZ tonight, head into CA tomorrow. I would like to stop at the Giant Redwoods, I think that is on the way to Yosemite.

Made tentative arrangements to get the windshield replaced. Looks like she is going to do that Monday after she drops me at the airport in Merced.

And no, no rocking chair . . . yet! But I did notice the pizza box that got shoved into the middle no man's land that we missed throwing out at a rest stop. And everytime we open the back hatch, we have to shove two wisks back into the car. Somewhere in there is a couple days old cinnabon that I am holding onto . . . threatening to entice another wild critter into the car!

The trip has been a blast. Incredible scenery that we could not begin to capture in photos, but better yet, just a plain wonderful experience with her that I know I will never have another chance at again. <Pause to sniff>

I am going to pm Sharon to see where she is located. I am guessing that to make Yosemite in one shot from here will be a LONG drive and pointless to get in so late. We will probably stop someplace tomorrow, maybe we can hook up.

Til tomorrow!!
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I hope you get to connect with Sharon. The trip sounds great! The reality of the trip is finally settling into my brain. I can't believe you are taking your baby girl all the way out West and leaving her there....AWWWWW! Bless your heart! Good luck with that!

The trip sounds awesome, and I am so glad you two are having this time together. (I am no longer envious of your trip. I'll go now before I start crying.)
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Her baby girl is a very bright and attractive young Chef with quite the future ahead of her! CIA grad and the whole bit!!! Wow...I only hope Kambree grows up half as adventurous and talented in her ambitions and goals.

Since I am still 18 plus years behind everyone in the parenting game I will bow out and let everyone boohoo over a talented young woman reaching for her dreams and achieving a goal that has been and will continue to be hard work for years to come...don't shed tears now, I am sure she'll have days to come that we can all feel bad with her instead of for her as she aims for the top!
"Ponder well on this point: the pleasant hours of our life are all connected, by a more or less tangible link, with some memory of the table."-Charles Pierre Monselet, French author(1825-1888)
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All I can say is I love this thread Brings back memories of dropping our daughter off to school.

Enjoy every moment of your trip! Like Jean said keep a journal and put pictures in it. What a wonderful journey. You guys are seeing so much of the countryside.

LJ - whatever you do....DO NOT BLINK! I think I blinked...that's when Laura grew up and went off to college.

Kambree - Don't you DARE grow up too fast! You stay a wonderful young girl for years to come

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