Very OT, another PET FOOD RECALL!!!
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This was posted over on the Smokingmeatforum - thought I would share here.

Mars Petcare US has announced a voluntary recall of some of its pet-food products.
The recall cites potential salmonella contamination.
if It involves all dry pet-food produced at its plant in Everson, Pennsylvania, between February 18th and July 29th.
The company's news release doesn't say how much pet food is involved, but says the recall covers 31 states and includes some of the products marketed by various brands.
Among them are Country Acres, Retriever, Doggy Bag, Members Mark, Natural, Ol' Roy, Special Kitty, Paws & Claws, Pedigree, Wegman's, Pet Pride, PMI Nutrition and Red Flannel.
For more information call 1-877-568-4463 or consult
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Thanks for the update on this critically important area of the culinary needs of our "other children."

We just had a beloved pet (Holly's cat Powder) die suddenly and surprisingly due to problems of a digestive nature. He had become very constipated and we took him to the vet. Two enemas were done and he was kept over night for observation and was found dead at the vet's office the next morning. Powder was the last of Holly's pets from when we met and was nine years old and had become MY buddy and it really hit us hard as we were not expecting that kind of twist at all when we took him to the vet. We have had to have two animals "put down" since we have been together and we have been able to be there and say good bye so this was a lot harder on us. He didn't eat any of the brands listed so I don't think it was an issue and the other two indoor cats and five outdoor cats are doing fine as are the dogs which consider the cat food a delicacy for some reason.

On a more humorous note...I noticed the Wal-Mart "house" brands are listed: I am surprised to see a "Made In America" product still on their shelves for the "house" brands.
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I can remember seeing a store brand dog food somewhere that actually said on the label that it was not intended as a nutritional part of a dog's diet! ??????????? WTF????????

We are way picky so have no worries!
You only live once . . . but if you do it right once should be enough!

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